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Dedalo, a spectacular restaurant in Matera

While in Matera, the city of cave dwellings in Basilicata, we found the most amazing restaurant…in a cave of course.

We opened the door to a stunning white space carved out of rock.

The charming host gave us a tour of the labyrinth of rooms filled with the sculpted works of contemporary international artists.

We were shown to our table and the delicious food arrived. The service was excellent.

The name of the restaurant came from Dedalo, or Daedalus, father of Icarus, skilled craftsman and artist and symbol of wisdom, knowledge and power. He invented and built the labyrinth for King Minos of Crete, but shortly after finishing it King Minos had Daedalus imprisoned within the labyrinth.

He and his son devised a plan to escape by using wings of wax that Daedalus had invented. They escaped, but sadly Icarus did not heed his father’s warnings and flew too close to the sun. The wax melted and he fell to his death.

This left Daedalus heartbroken, but instead of giving up he flew to the Isand of Sicily.

This is written on the menu.

“It is said that after a long and perilous odyssey across the waves of the wind, there arrived a man, Daedalus, tired in body but strong in spirit, who decided to put an end to his wanderings and began to build his dwelling through sheer ingenuity and strength.

We like to imagine that this was the place where he landed and that he built a new labyrinth here.

Following Ariadne’s thread you will enter the heart of the hypogeum where there live undisturbed figures most redolent of Greek mythology. Briseis the beautiful slave of Achilles, Andromeda with her long hair, Cassandra the seer and Dionysus the god of wine.

As you continue along your path, you will catch the moment in which Demeter calls Persephone back to life on earth, snatching her from the very grip of jealous Hades”

As you can see, much imagination, thought and hard work has gone into making dining in this beautiful place a wonderful experience. We were very happy to have discovered Dedalo.


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There will be more on amazing Matera in the next post.


  1. Hi Debra, What an amazing find, food looks delicious….

    • It was amazing! A great experience all round.

  2. The food looks so delectable and the setting is stunning. Thanks Debra for sharing.

    • It was just a few steps from our accommodation, which was great.

  3. This restaurant looks beyond cool. It’s more than just eating, it looks like an amazing experience and seems like the kind of place that you would remember forever!

    • It was stunning, and quite unexpected in Matera.

  4. Looks wonderful and the food must be delicious

    • The food was great, but the setting was the real star.

  5. Looks amazing 👌

    • It was! It would be worth visiting Matera just for this.

  6. Brilliant find!

  7. Not only does the venue look exciting, the food seems appetizing as well. It’s also interesting to know that this restaurant was named after Daedalus. The story of Icarus is one of my favorite chapters in Greek mythology because of its symbolism.

    • The restauran is gorgeous. The food was great and the service was excellent…what more could you want?

  8. What an amazing place and how lucky you were to find it and enjoy what looks like exquisite cuisine!!
    I look forward to the next instalment.

    • It was a great experience.

  9. Ooh I’ve only been to 2 cave restaurants but they were both amazing experiences! This looks quite different to those but still stunning.

    • We had dinner in a seaside cave in Polignano a Mare and that was great too.

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