Posted by: Debra Kolkka | March 10, 2019

Magnolias in Lucca

Each March Corso Garibaldi in Lucca becomes a pink and white explosion of beauty. Here is a description I found in a local publication many years ago.

“If you will be there around the half of March you’ll fill the emotion of walking between the wings of magnolia trees, whose leafage full of flowers looks like the big rose coloured fireworks even though…unnaturally static.”

Half of me wonders why someone doesn’t take advice from an English speaker and the other half loves these translations.

Here is gorgeous Corso Garibaldi right now.

Corso Garibaldi Lucca


Corso Garibaldi Lucca


Corso Garibaldi Lucca

Corso Garibaldi Lucca


Corso Garibaldi Lucca


Corso Garibaldi Lucca

Corso Garibaldi Lucca

Corso Garibaldi Lucca

The flowers have come early this year. Be quick if you want to see them, the spectacle doesn’t last long.


  1. So true Debra, sometimes I cannot believe in many marketing publications the translation but then I so enjoy the story, who cares.

    • Some of them are hilarious. I love it.

  2. Soooooo pretty!

    • It is a lovely time to be in Lucca.

  3. Gorgeous!

  4. One Day. One Day I will get to Lucca. I will, one day. Louise

    • You won’t be sorry.

  5. They are stunning!

    • Last year severe cold killed the flowers. It’s great to see them back this year.

  6. Got to love it. Fragrant?

    • Not much of a fragrance, but very pretty.

      • I asked because some types of magnolias here are quite fragrant.

      • The giant white ones are fragrant, they come later in the season.

  7. Beautiful

    • When are you coming back?

  8. Beautiful!

    • They are stunning trees.

  9. Enjoy them while they last. They are beautiful!

    • I love to see these trees blooming.

  10. They look spectacular! Is their scent very strong?

    • No, the big white grandiflora magnolias have a scent, but these not so much.

  11. “Leafage”! I love that. Such a gorgeous display. I was just a little too early. Thanks for making it so I saw them anyway 🙂

    • It is a lovely time to be in Lucca.

  12. Beauty in white and pink.

  13. Hi Debora! Fabulous photos as always. A question, please would you remind me who constructed your beautiful garden wall at Vergemoli please? Thank you so much.

    • They were Albanian and have a house in Fornoli. I can’t remember their names, but I drive past their house often and will read the sign and let you know.

      • Thank you so much. I would be very grateful

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