Posted by: Debra Kolkka | September 25, 2018

Autumn begins at Casa Debbio

I am delighted to be back at Casa Debbio. Filippo has done a wonderful job of taking care of the house and garden in our absence over summer.

On my first morning I awoke to mist covering the village below.

Casa Debbio autumn 2018

Casa Debbio autumn 2018

It soon cleared to become a glorious sunny day.

On the second morning a golden light appeared, highlighting the beginning of autumn colour.

Casa Debbio autumn 2018

The garden is beginning to fade after the summer, but it still looks great. The geraniums are still thriving.

Casa Debbio autumn 2018


Casa Debbio autumn 2018

Casa Debbio autumn 2018

There are a few tomatoes left on the vines.

Casa Debbio autumn 2018

We have some kiwi fruit.

Casa Debbio autumn 2018

The quince tree has produced quite a bit of fruit.

Casa Debbio autumn 2018

The pink roses at the back of the house are still growing.

Casa Debbio autumn 2018

Wild goats and deer have chewed off all the roses in front of the house.

Casa Debbio autumn 2018

Wisteria is growing well over our pergola. It should provide plenty of shade by next summer.

Casa Debbio autumn 2018

Casa Debbio autumn 2018

Casa Debbio autumn 2018

Casa Debbio autumn 2018

Casa Debbio autumn 2018

I can’t get enough of the views from Casa Debbio.

Casa Debbio autumn 2018

Casa Debbio autumn 2018


Casa Debbio autumn 2018

Casa Debbio autumn 2018

Soon I will start pruning the 300 lavender plants and several other things that need a trim.

Casa Debbio will be available for rent next year. Please share with anyone who might like to spend some time in the glorious mountains of northern Tuscany. I would like to see someone enjoy a couple of months at the house and experience an authentic Italian village.

Just 100 people live in Vergemoli. It is a pretty village with well kept houses and gardens. There are few foreign visitors, but in summer lots of families return to houses which have been in the family for generations to enjoy the wonderful weather and take part in the summer parties and celebrations. Our guests are invited to join in and are welcomed into this delightful little community.


  1. You should be so proud of yourself with what you’ve done with Casa Debbie in just a few years… everything looks beautiful I’m thrilled for you that you are back at your home in Italy. I’m loving all the photos

    • We are very happy with the progress at Casa Debbio. The garden is the result of a lot of work. Filippo has been a wonderful help. We could not do without him.

  2. I can’t get enough of the views either. Your photos are just beautiful. Welcome back to your Italian home.

    • It is great to be back. I love to get up early and wander among the plants and take in the delightful fragrances.

  3. Beautiful Debra!!!

    • It is a little slice of heaven up here.

  4. I know I say this a lot but I don’t know how you can bear to leave! Absolutely gorgeous.

    • I have trained myself to walk away, but it is always in my thoughts.

  5. Looks gorgeous Deb. You can now enjoy all that hard work –

    • There is some work ahead with the pruning. I start this morning.

  6. From someone living on the Gold Coast… you are certainly living my dream. Best of both worlds Australia and Italy 💗 Thank you for sharing and letting me live through you…

    • I grew up at the Gold Coast. As I am driving up the mountain I often wonder how this came to be. I love my split life.

  7. Dear Debra, it is really so wonderful to witness the transformations that have occurred in your little paradise. I have been reading about your exploits for several years now and it has been so much fun to see the work you’ve done and the seasonal shifts. I know some day I will spend some time at Casa Debbio. Can you tell me if one did rent it for several months, how many people does it accommodate and where would I look for your rates
    Kudos to you and your gardener,
    Derin Gemignani

    • Casa Debbio sleeps 6 in 3 double bedrooms, each with its own bathroom. Email me any time for details.

  8. Brings back wonderful memories Deb.

    • It looks different from when you were here, but still lovely.

  9. Simply stunning! You have created such a special place.

    • Thank you, we love it here.

  10. Oh Debbie it looks exquisite… you should feel very proud of your outstanding achievement with the house and garden … Enjoy your few weeks of toil in the peace of that amazing countryside!!! Jx

    • I am about to head out with my shears to cut the lavender….all good.

  11. Such a beautiful garden, Debra. I’m not at all surprised that you are happy to be back there. Lovely photos. 😍

    • There is a strong wind blowing here today. I think it will blow some leaves away.

  12. What a fantastic place! Le fotografie sono bellissime, di solito! The photographs are beautiful, as usual!

    • Thank you. It is easy to take pretty photos here.

  13. It is all looking very stunning, not just the flowers but the fruit as well. Congratulations. i would love to see it some time and swap notes. I can’t wait till we get back and seeing your photos has made the longing stronger.

    • Perhaps next spring you will come.

  14. The garden is looking beautiful Deb. We are so looking forward to seeing it again.

  15. oh dear Debra, your garden is great now, so beautiful, fascinated me all your photographs. Thank you, Love, nia

    • Thank you Nia, we love our garden.

  16. Your garden is absolutely gorgeous!! – a real credit to your artistic nature and Phillipe’s expertise in keeping it beautiful. We’d love to visit Vergemoli and Bagni di Lucca next year, if possible. Not sure when yet. Continue enjoying your idyllic surroundings, Deb!

    • The garden is lovely and Filippo has done a great job over the summer. We could not do without him.

  17. Good to hear that you have safely arrived to enjoy autumn in Bagni di Lucca, my favourite season! The garden looks great. Enjoy it!

    • I am now pruning the lavender. Some of the plants are still looking good and the flowers are still attracting bees, so I will leave those until later.

  18. The garden looks so pretty with all the colourful flowers. Enjoy autumn!

    • Autumn is a lovely time to be here. I like the chestnut festivals.

  19. What a gorgeous place! Such a lovely contrast to Australia.

    • My life here is completely different from my Brisbane life. I love both.

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