Posted by: Debra Kolkka | May 24, 2018

Canal Saint-Martin, Paris

Napoleon I ordered the Canal Saint-Martin to be built in 1802. The artificial water way was created to supply fresh water to the growing population. The water diverted from River Ourcq helped avoid dysentery and cholera, supply fountains and allow the streets to be cleaned.

Almost half of its 4.6 kilometre length, between Rue Fauberg du Temple and the Place de la Bastille, was covered in the mid 19th century to create wide boulevards and public spaces.

Saint-Martin canal Paris

Saint-Martin canal Paris

Saint-Martin canal Paris

Saint-Martin canal Paris

Saint-Martin canal Paris

These days the canal is a popular place for residents and visitors. The little parks are green oases in the city and people like to watch the barges and boats navigate the series of locks.

This area, not far from Republique, is now full of restaurants, bars and interesting shops. It is wonderful that these little village like areas are dotted all over Paris, each one quite different.


  1. Just beautiful, it’s wonderful to find peaceful spots in the midst of a bustling city.

  2. The area is lovely throughout the seasons

    • It was lovely on a spring day.

  3. It isn’t badly for a big and crowded city even if dysentery is not course for concern anymore.

    • Paris has lots of beautiful parks.

  4. I love seeing all of these places that I had never heard of before!

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