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A stylish stay

I have known my lovely friends, Lindsay and Bryce, since 1994 when Lindsay presented me with my first RAQ fashion award.

A couple of years ago they bought a decrepit building in New Farm, an inner city suburb of Brisbane and set about turning it into a luxury guest house. The transformation has been astounding. It had been a boarding house for years, with all the verandahs closed in. It now looks like the traditional Queensland home it once was, only better.

Heal Houseย is stunning.

Heal House

Heal House

Heal House

Heal House

Heal House

There are 3 beautifully appointed suites, each with its own bathroom.

The Master Suite.

Heal House

Heal House

The Executive Suite.

Heal House

Heal House

The Verandah Suite.

Heal House

Heal House

The relaxing and stylish common rooms invite guests to sit and read, watch TV, chat or do nothing at all.

Heal House

Heal House

Heal House

Breakfast is served daily either in the breakfast room or on one of the verandahs.

Heal House

Heal House

Heal House has been awarded the 2017 Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence and was recently named in Trip Advisor’s Top 5 Bed & Breakfasts in Brisbane as well as Brisbane’s Number 1 Luxury B&B.

If I didn’t live in Brisbane anyway I think I would move in!

Congratulations Lindsay and Bryce for an excellent transformation. I know they did much of the work themselves and every item in the house has been carefully selected by them. I’m not surprised Heal House has become such a wonderful home away from home for visitors to Brisbane.

Heal House…72 Heal St, New Farm, Brisbane.

Here are some photos of what the house used to look like. It has an interesting past. In 1890 it belonged to the mayor of Brisbane, Richard Symes Warry. It was originally called Chesaw, but name was changed to Kiama in 1924.

Heal House

I think you will agree that Lindsay and Bryce have done an incredible job.


  1. It’s so beautiful!! Thanks for sharing pictures with us.

    • I hope you visit Brisbane one day.

  2. Wow! What a stunning house, very inviting.

    • I want to stay there!

  3. Gorgeous!

    • They have done an amazing job, a great place to stay.

  4. Those old houses have incredible potential. Rafael had to restore and renovate a few when he was active as an architect. Usually, he had to pull down all the awful additions made in the 40โ€™s and 50โ€™s and make new ones respecting the style and materials used originally. He loved doing that and the results were stunning. Here, your friends have done very well and the house looks beautiful. Congratulations!

    • The renovation was huge. I saw some of the work that was done. The hard work has paid off.

  5. A big job well done with a very stylish outcome.

    • The house is beautiful. I would recommend it to anyone visiting Brisbane.

  6. Such a perfect reno by a talented duo.

    • They did a great job.

  7. Lovely…will certainly pass along if I know anyone visiting your country. I agree I could move right in.

    • I would love to stay there.

  8. Utterly charming and glad that some of these old Queenslanders are being well looked after

    • These houses can be a lot of work, but they look wonderful.

  9. How lovely, the pristine white with the splashes of green ferns!

    • The verandah is gorgeous.

  10. Looks absolutely gorgeous

    • It is stunning. The hard work has certainly paid off.

  11. Wow what a wonderful job they have done …itโ€™s exquisite ๐Ÿ‘Œ

    • It is no wonder it is so popular with visitors.

  12. They have done an extraordinary job and with such fabulous style. It must give them immense satisfaction.

    • I am sure they are proud of what they have created.

  13. Fabulous photos Debra and a remarkable restoration!

    • It is amazing when you compare it with the old photos.

  14. It’s a stunning home! I especially like the patterned carpet! ๐Ÿ˜€

  15. This is amazing! What a fantastic renovation!

  16. fabulous photos

  17. It’s really stunning.

    • The transformation is amazing.

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