Posted by: Debra Kolkka | August 27, 2017

Syros driving

Not much happens in Ermoupoli, the port town in Syros, on a Sunday so we hired a car for €35 for the day and set off to explore the island.

Syros isn’t very big and it didn’t take long to get to the next town, Vari. It is just 7 kilometres from Ermoupolis and is a lovely little farming village with a couple of popular beaches.

From there it was a short drive along the coast and across a headland to Posidonia, one of the most popular beaches on Syros. This resort is at Agathopes beach. It looked great and I can imagine all those chairs being filled in the summer.

Posidonia beach was also quiet, but we could see that it was getting ready for the season.

The beaches were remarkably quiet for a warm, sunny Sunday. Gallissas had a few swimmers.

We thought the prettiest beach of all was Kini. It looked impressive as we saw it from above.

There were a couple of expensive looking houses with prime views of the bay.

The esplanade along the water was lined with attractive bars, cafes and restaurants.

A few swimmers braved the water.

People began to arrive for an afternoon at the beach as we sat down for a delicious lunch.

Much of Syros is dry, barren and rocky. We saw  farms and the occasional vineyard. It looks like difficult farming land to me, but quite beautiful in its own way. Dry stone walls, pretty white houses and tiny churches dot the landscape.

Below is a map of Syros. We covered most of the roads seen here and drove 60 kilometres. It was a great way to spend a Sunday on the island.

Syros is a beautiful island, completely different from Santorini, the only other island we visited in Greece. A lovely Greek friend of mine suggested these 2 islands and we are very happy we followed her advice. We are keen to return to Greece to discover more of the gorgeous islands.




  1. Great spot Deb. Love the crochet sun umbrellas.

    • Me too, I want one.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous – what a great idea to hire the car and explore it at your own pace.

    • It was a great way to see the island.

  3. A great lazy Sunday on a Greek island. Thank you for sharing it.

    • We really enjoyed our Sunday on Syros.

  4. Such an atttactive island and i love the very stylish beach umbrellas above their very smart loungers. It does look like extremely hard farm land. Your lunch looks so very delicious and i’m sure eating it in such lovely surroundings makes everything taste twice as good..

    • Lunch was great, exactly what you would expect on a Greek Island.

  5. Oh, and i love the sign that welcomes everyone – even the sexies:)

    • I thought it was amusing.

  6. Seems like a place I would like (not overrun with tourists).

    • Syros was completely different from Santorini. I think it must be popular with Athenians for summer holidays. We were there in May, before the rush.

  7. Looks so relaxing

    • It is a beautiful island and the food was great.

  8. Aw, makes me wanting to go back to Greece. Thank you for sharing the spirit of this island.

    • We will definitely return to Greece to discover more islands.

  9. Macrame Umbrellas are simply amazing. I want one❤️❤️❤️

    • I liked them too.

  10. Syros seems like an awesome summer destination, Debra! How many days would you suggest I should stay there?

    • We were there for 3 days and we saw most of the island. If you wanted to spend some time at the beaches I would suggest a couple more days.

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