Posted by: Debra Kolkka | November 15, 2016

The beautiful people

On a visit to Florence I came upon a film set. I have no idea what it was about, possibly an advertisement for something.

There were dozens of people milling about with cameras, makeup, clipboards (you are really important if you have a clipboard) and nothing much at all.

Film set Florence

Film set Florence

Film set Florence

Here are the beautiful people being filmed.

Film set Florence

It is a gorgeous corner of Florence. I can see why it was chosen for the backdrop.


I would like the little terrace



  1. The nicest camera images of Toscana were by Andrei Tarkovsky from his film Nostalghia

    • Thank you for the information.

      • incredible film shot around bagno vignoni

  2. Always something going on in Florence. And everyone can stop and just ‘imagine’ what is going on. Yes one does feel important when one has a clip board. You and I know that feeling well.

    • I love coming upon little scenes like this. It was funny. To watch for a while.

  3. Indeed, what a lovely little terrace. Wouldn’t it be fun to turn up with a clip board and say, “hi everyone, sorry, i ‘m late, now, where are we up to…..”

    • I’m sure you would just blend in.

  4. I came upon two shootings at Parco Sempione in Milan when I was heading into the park last summer. One was a movie, actors / actresses hiding under umbrellas against the summer sun, another looked like a TV drama, a ‘family’ having lunch on the piazza, spatting, making up, lots of soap opera drama. Most passerbys were ‘ho hum’ about it, seen it before, Milan a popular setting for movies / TV.

    • These cities make excellent backdrops.

  5. That little terrace and the little room on it. How often I looked at it and wished I could see it from the inside. Thanks for spotting this action.

    • It is very cute. Apparently you can stay there, see a comment below.

  6. That is a gorgeous fountain. I have to look for it next time….

    • It is on the corner of Borgo San Jacopo and the street that comes down from the Santa Trinita bridge.

  7. I recognize that corner! Great photos, Debra.

    • I walk past it often.

  8. Poor woman — having to walk in those shoes

  9. I remember this corner I have a picture of that balcony/terrace too!

  10. That apartment with terrace can be rented on this website:

    I have no affiliation with it and have not rented it so I can’t make a personal recommendation for it, but since some of you seemed interested in it I thought I’d share the link.

  11. I wish I had known that last year! What a place to stay (but a tad noisy, perhaps)>

  12. Now that’s a corner!

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