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Heavenly marmalade

When I was in Pistoia, my lovely friend Michela took me to a fabulous sweet shop called Le Golosita di Pratesi Marilena. It sells all kinds of delicious things to eat and drink, including chocolates by Roberto Catinari, a famous son of Pistoia.

Pistoia chocolate shop

They have a small supply of marmalade made by cloistered nuns. It is made from wild oranges that grow inside the cloister. The oranges are plucked, washed and grated one by one to eliminate the part of the skin from which essential oil is made.

The oranges are cut in half and the seeds taken out. Pectin is made from these and later added to the marmalade to thicken it. The halved oranges are kept in water for 3 days, changing the water 3 times a day. At the end if the third day they are boiled for 45 minutes. They are drained and rinsed with cold water to stop the cooking process.

Then they are chopped and mixed with the pectin and equal parts of sugar. (For 1 kilo of oranges, 1 kilo of sugar)  The mixture is cooked and put in airtight sterilised jars. They are boiled again to vacuum seal them.

Everything takes place within the cloister.

Of course I had to buy a jar. I can report that it is excellent. I could see the nuns hard at work while I was enjoying it.

Pistoia marmalade

Pistoia marmelade

Next on my list to try are the figs in Vin Santo made nearby. On my next trip Michela is going to take us to the winery where the Vin Santo is made…there will be a report.

Pistoia figs

If you go to Pistoia you really must visit Le Golosita di Pratesi Marilena in Via Roma 28. I dare you to come out empty handed.


  1. Ah, if it weren’t quite so far away …

    • There should be one in every town.

  2. Debra , Are the oranges peeled first. If so, what happens to the skins.

    • Just a little of the skin is taken off to get the essential oils.

  3. On my list Deb

    • I should have bought 2 jars, one to bring home.

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  5. Can products be purchased? Is there a website?

    • I am not aware of a website. I think you have to go to the shop. The production of the marmelade is very small.

  6. It all looks delicious.

    • I tried several things and they were all great.

  7. No wonder you want to live in Pistoia!

    • Just one of many reasons.

  8. Our Mum used to make jam. Rosella was my favourite. I have not seen rosella jam in a shop.

    • I remember rosella jam. I have bought it, but it wasn’t as good as Mum’s. Grandma used to make gooseberry jam from her own bushes. I have planted a gooseberry bush at Casa Debbio.

      • Remember that jam too!

  9. I just bought fig jam from Turkey, but haven’t tried it yet.

    • I love anything with figs.

  10. That sounds like very special marmalade and all hand done too which is a nice point of difference 😀

    • Hand made by nuns, how Italian.

  11. How delicious.

  12. I will have to get some next trip! I’m sure it is delicious!!!!

  13. Oh My… looks heavenly indeed!

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