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Segesta…a temple in Sicily

On the road between Trapani and Palermo in the north of Sicily, just outside the ancient city of Segesta, is a beautifully preserved Doric Temple. It sits magnificently on a rise surrounded by rolling green hills and rocky cliffs, setting it off perfectly.

Doric temple Segesta

Segesta was one of the major cities of the Elymian people, one of the indigenous inhabitants of Sicily. The population mixed with the Ionian Greeks and it was an Athenian architect who designed the temple. It is thought to have been built in the 420s BC.

It was not finished. The columns are not fluted and the roof was never built. It somehow avoided destruction by the Carthaginians in the 5th century…lucky for us.

The temple attracts quite a crowd, as you would expect, but the area is huge so there is plenty of room for everyone to walk around the temple and see it from every angle.

Doric temple Segesta

Doric temple Segesta

Doric temple Segesta

Doric temple Segesta

Doric temple Segesta

Doric temple Segesta


Doric temple Segesta

Doric temple Segesta

Doric temple Segesta

We were there in spring and the wild flowers were spectacular, making the views even more beautiful.

Doric temple Segesta

Doric temple Segesta

Further up the hill is a semicircular theatre built about the same time. It is a bit of a climb but the thoughtful people looking after the site provide a bus to take you to the top.

There would have been no need for stage props with a view like this.

Ancient theatre Segesta

Ancient theatre Segesta

Ancient theatre Segesta

Ancient theatre Segesta

Ancient theatre Segesta

Ancient theatre Segesta

The theatre is still used today.

We walked down the hill from the theatre to get some views of the temple from above.

Doric temple Segesta

Doric temple Segesta

Doric temple Segesta

Doric temple Segesta

We stayed at a great B&B, Villa Palmeri, on top of a nearby hill.


We had amazing views of the temple as well as the gorgeous hills.

It looked beautiful at night.

Doric temple Segesta

…and the next morning.

Doric temple Segesta

Sicily is full of amazing things…we will return.


  1. So beautiful! Great photos, Debra!

    • Thank you, it is a beautiful place.

  2. So beautiful. It would feel magical to stand there. I am trying to imagine what the air felt like, and what sounds you heard.

    • You can’t see from the photos, but it was really windy. Clouds were skidding across the sky, which is why some of the photos are darker. It is a beautiful place and the wild flowers were amazing. If you go to Sicily, go in spring.

  3. Really gorgeous photos! Such a stately temple and lovely wildflowers.

    • We were very happy to be there at such a beautiful time. Everything was green and gorgeous.

  4. Grazie Debra. Io mi trovero in Sicilia in Settembre

    • Speriamo il tempo e bello.

  5. Gorgeous views, Debra….you say Spring – what month?

    • It was mid April, a great time to visit.

      • OK…I went in late March, and the flowers weren’t fully out…

  6. what fascinating history – and a Grand Design. The flowers are so pretty. What a lovely landscape.

    • The area is spectacular. It is a beautiful place to visit.

  7. I visited this place in 2008 – thanks for the memory nudge!

    • It is a stunning building…amazing it is still standing all these years later.

  8. It looks as though you had a private viewing as there are no people in your gorgeous photos! All worthy of painting!

    • There were quite a lot of people about, but I wait until I get a people free view where possible.

  9. Debra: that is just plain beautiful! George

    • Yes, it a very beautiful building in a lovely setting.

  10. That place looks amazing. Thank you for the pictures. We went to Positano in May and now I think we will have to go to Sicily!

    • Positano is fabulous too. Sicily is beautiful and diverse, you must go.

  11. Wonderful photos, Debra. What a colossal place! Love your night shot especially.

    • We certainly picked the right place to stay. Our view was amazing.

  12. Would be mesmerizing to watch a play or concert ata summer night on the stage with that beautiful view and background

    • It would definitely be a great experience.

  13. Stunning Debra. Great photos!

    • Thank you, I enjoyed taking them.

  14. Just incredible Debra. The history that a place like that has seen, just quietly blows my mind. One day, one day.

    • If only those columns could talk.

  15. Wow! How beautiful!

    • Stunning, isn’t it?

  16. Made sense that an Athenian architect designed it. It looks so much like Acropolis. and the theater reminds me of the ones in Ios and Kavala in Greece. Sicily is full of amazing and surprising things, 😉

    • There are lots of Greek ruins in Sicily. It is a very interesting place that visit.

  17. Ruins in the countryside of today is an excellent find.

    • It is amazing to see it there all by itself.

  18. […] ruins in Sicily make the trip worthwhile all by themselves. We visited Agrigento, Segesta and some amazing Roman mosaics I haven’t written about […]

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