Posted by: Debra Kolkka | May 24, 2016

Heavenly food in Florence

On our recent overnight stay in Florence we had dinner at an amazing restaurant, La Menagere.

It is a great space with outdoor tables, a small shop with interesting things, a cafe, bar/bistrot and restaurant…take a look.

La Menagere Florence

La Menagere Florence

The long table room…

La Menagere Florence

The bar/bistrot…

Well lit hall…

La Menagere Florence

Quiet place to sit…

La Menagere Florence

Open kitchen…

La Menagere Florence

Secluded eating area…

La Menagere Florence


La Menagere Florence



La Menagere Florence

…and now for the food.

Fennel cream with mozzarella.

La Menagere Florence

Beef cheeks.

La Menagere Florence

La Menagere Florence

Chicken, or art?

La Menagere Florence

La Menagere Florence

White chocolate dessert.

La Menagere Florence

Coconut mousse with passion fruit centre.

La Menagere Florence

Everything was delicious. I love the setting and the service is excellent. The portion sizes are just right. Next time we will do all four courses. I didn’t want the meal to end.


La Menagere…Via de’Ginori 8. (There are 2 number 8s in the street, keep looking )



  1. Yummy!! You find the most fascinating and beautiful places. Everything
    seems to score FULL marks. You must have been dizzy with all that
    visual stimulation. I was! And the food…of my, works of art, only (perhaps)
    outdone by the tastes and flavours. Lucky, lucky you.

    • It will become a regular stop for me in Florence.

  2. I remember this place! Your pictures describe it beautifully. It was long ago and probably the only other restaurant we attended on that visit. Thanks for the memories!

    • I have heard about the restaurant from friends and was most keen to go. It was great…I will be back there soon.

  3. Wow, your photos made me sooo hungry all of a sudden! I love the thought of coconut mousse too. xx

    • The coconut mousse was excellent.

  4. What a unique building. Must have been noisy imagine as the sound would echo off the stone

    • It wasn’t noisy at all. The ceilings are very high and there is quite a lot of stuff against the walls.

  5. What was on top of the fennel cream? A crumble?
    All looks very tasty.

    • On top was an almond crumble and mozzarella. It was delicious.

  6. A feast for the eyes with both the setting and the food looking fabulous!

    • I can’t wait to go back.

  7. What an amazing place, not only the food, the entire interior looks so inviting. Thank you for sharing, Debra

    • It is a fabulous place. I like modern Italian dining.

  8. looks great. wish I could hop over. how are the prices?

    • Antipasti, €12- €15. Primi €14 – €16. Secondi, €19 – €23. Dolci, €8 – €10…not cheap, close to Australian restaurant prices, but very good.

  9. I love the florist attached to it and what is on top of the fennel creme? It looks like a crumble! 🙂

    • It was an almond crumble with mozzarella.

  10. What an amazing place! The height of decor and food fashion!
    I have a treasured cobalt blue water pitcher from my great-grandmother that looks very similar to the one shown on the shelf. The bumpy glasses also look vintage, were they?

    • The pitcher is plastic. They come in a huge range of colours and I love them. I suspect the bumpy glasses are plastic too. There is a shop in Florence full of them.

  11. A new place to try when I’m next in Florence, thank you!

    • You won’t be disappointed.

  12. Looks like a feast for the eye at every turn

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