Posted by: Debra Kolkka | April 19, 2016

Take the ferry to Sicily

After driving down the coast of Calabria it was time to take the ferry to Sicily.

I had tried, without success to book our passage, only to find out from the helpful person at the hotel in Pizzo that you can’t book. You just line up, buy a ticket just before the ferry and drive on…which is what we did.

Ferry to Sicily

Ferry to Sicily

There was lots of room inside, but I suppose it is much busier in high season.

Ferry to Sicily

In 20 minutes we were in Sicily.

Ferry to Sicily

The ferry company is called Caronte &Tourist… The two way ticket was €78 and is valid for 3 months.

The whole process was very easy and uncomplicated. The ferry leaves from Villa San Giorgio, just north of Reggio Calabria. The directions through the town and to the wharf were easy to follow…not what we expected at all.

We are now in Taormina. Internet access is patchy and we have already been to several great places, so the posts may not come in order, but they will come eventually.


  1. Wonderful to hear you are in Taormina!! I took that ferry too! Great views as you cross the Strait of Messina. Enjoy Sicilia!!

    • Yes, we finally made it to Sicily. The town of Taormina is lovely, and Isola Bella is very pretty.

  2. Look forward to the posts from Sicily. We are leaving Sydney next week for two weeks in Sicily, starting in Taormina, then two weeks in the Aeolian Islands, probably mostly in Lipari and Salina. This will be the first month of our 3 months in Italy. So any tips, suggestions will be eagerly awaited.

    • We are driving around Sicily, but not going to the islands on this trip. I hope we can offer some suggestions.

  3. You will love Sicily – especially Taormina – we flew into Palermo – loved the whole of Sicily

    • Taormina is beautiful and I think I will be happy to granita my way around Sicily. I have had strawberry, almond and, my favourite, raspberry.

  4. Great information. Thank you, Deb!

    • We found it a bit difficult to find the information we wanted, which is why I posted this.

  5. Oh isn’t it wonderful when things are simple in Italy – like driving onto a ferry to Sicily – remember Sardinia was pretty easy peasy too. Have a great time.

    • It was a pleasant surprise. I like it when things go well.

  6. Glad the trip over was easy…looking forward to your posts.

    • We are visiting quite a few places…there is much to see.

  7. Looking forward to more on Sicily. I visited Malta three times when my daughter lived there but never made the short trip over to the island. What a pity.

    • I went to Malta a long time ago. I would like to return.

  8. Ciao from Modica! Can’t believe we are so near 🙂

  9. How very easy and very exciting. We took the car ferry across to Sardegna from Napoli a few years ago but that was an overnight. I will be very interested to hear your thoughts on Sicily.

  10. Looking forward to reading our Sicilian posts.

  11. Thank you so much! Over the years I’ve enjoyed traveling to Sicily as such. Please get ready to gain a pound or two, the food doesn’t get any better. Everywhere there are GREAT GASTRONOMIC TEMPTATIONS, do such as I and give into them all !!!!

  12. Have a wonderful time, I love the walking path up behind the town.

  13. We stayed in Sicily a few years back and caught the ferry to the mainland, as you say, it’s a quick and easy trip, and quite enjoyable, enjoy Sicily, it’s delightful.

  14. Deb, glad you made it to Sicily. By far my favourite place is Catania because of its real grit and the Pescheria on a Saturday. But Ortygia/Siracusa, Argrigento, Trapani, Palermo and Cefalu are all unforgettable. Enjoy it all!!!

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