Posted by: Debra Kolkka | April 11, 2016

The first peony at Casa Debbio

My first peony of the season has appeared at Casa Debbio.

Peony 2016

Each plant is at a different stage, some have buds and some are just poking their heads through the dirt.

Casa Debbio

A couple of the rhododendrons are in bloom.




Some lavender is flowering and some is beginning to grow new leaves.



The weeping cherry is growing leaves and the flowers are falling off.

Casa DebbioCasa Debbio

We have pear blossoms.

Pear blossoms

…and the first wisteria flowers have appeared.


…and violets.

Casa Debbio

We have planted lots of geraniums, they are small, but they will grow.

Casa Debbio

…2 days later another peony has appeared.

Casa Debbio peony

Our ginestre is looking great.

Casa Debbio

We are going to Sicily for a couple of weeks and lovely Filippo will be taking care of the garden. I hate to leave when things are starting to look great, but it needs to be done.

There will be posts from Ischia, Calabria and  lots of different places in Sicily. I hope you will all come along for the ride, it should be fun.


  1. Gorgeous Deb! Love all the links and purples!!

    • The lower garden will be all pink, white and lavender. The middle is red geraniums and behind the house we have yellow on one side and pink, white and purple on the other…with fruit trees on the upper terrace. It is going to be gorgeous when it has all grown.

  2. Only a month to go and I will be able to see it all – woohoo – peonies look divine – my favourite flowers

    • There should be some peonies when you are here.

  3. Just so lovely. I hope they are still blossoming in May

    • There may be some. The dark red one bloomed late last year.

  4. So beautiful, Debra. Enjoy your trip. 🙂

    • It should be fun, there is much to see.

  5. Absolutely gorgeous, I’m envious. There hasn’t been much colour in my garden through our long, dry summer. I shall enjoy spring vicariously through your posts.

    • It is wonderful to see these plants reappear and then burst into colour.

  6. How well your gardens grows. The new flowers are gorgeous. You and Filippo have done a great job in the planning and the planting. Bet Jim is impressed.

    • Jim has done his bit too with digging holes and shifting rocks. He is an excellent weeder.

  7. Looking beautiful!

    • By summer it should be great. You are coming for lunch this year.

  8. Spring is unquestionably making a mark … always a good thing (but we had an unusually cold week) … but spring will get rolling again very soon. My mother loved peonies … and I got the feeling attraction to this flowers were based in Tuscany.

    • We have had a few cold days too, but it will soon warm up.

  9. Such beautiful flowers in your garden and really vibrant colours. The peonies are little bundles of joy. Have fun in Sicilly, one of my favourite places, so much history and the desserts are very very yum.

    • I love peonies. I was delighted to find I can grow them at Casa Debbio.

  10. It is looking beautiful Deb….all that hard work is paying off now. Looking forward to Sicily.

    • Sicily should be excellent.

      • Is this your first visit there?

      • I was on a ship in 1972 that stopped in Messina for a day, but I don’t think that counts .

  11. You’ve got such a stunning garden Deb! I adore peonies 😀

    • Peonies are my favourite flowers…stunning.

  12. You will be visiting my friend Stephanie on Ischia, can’t wait to hear what you think about it, I will be mid-May.

    • I am really looking forward to our visit to Ischia, a first for me.

  13. Gardens grow into your very soul don’t they – such beauty and discoveries to make every day. There must be lots of lovely birds too. I’m looking forward to Sicily though so try and put your best foot forward Deb:)

    • I love to wander about and see what has come up overnight.

  14. Beautiful…..I would hate to be leaving it even for a few days….

    • I hate to leave too, but we want to get to Sicily before it gets too hot.

  15. Magnificent Deb!

    • It is all starting to happen.

  16. Wow so beautiful already, great work. Enjoy your travels.

    • It was a bit difficult to leave Casa Debbio especially as Filippo and Vittorio arrived the other day to start the pergola.

  17. Your garden is looking beautiful already. I can’t wait to see it. And lots of pictures from your journey south. Enjoy!

    • There will be lunch under the new pergola when we return.

  18. I really love your posts Deb.  I fully understand the joys of the garden, it’s such a thrill when a new baby appears!  I saw that Liz is about to arrive and memories came flooding back of her apartment.  I can do without the stairs though😊Lynne x

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    • Thank you. I am delighted with the progress this year. We will be away from the garden for a couple of weeks. I’m sure things will look even better when we return.

  19. I am so glad that spring is (quite) here. I was so looking forward to it being that I just arrived to a new destination and I couldn’t even go out most of the time because of the season. Those cherries, even when they fly down, still is a beautiful sight.

    • Spring is a beautiful season. I am enjoying watching the trees turn green.

  20. How beautiful dear Debra, I love spring into the colours, amazing. Thank you, have a nice day, Love, nia

    • I love spring too…especially when there are peonies.

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