Posted by: Debra Kolkka | February 9, 2016

Arranged by nature

Walks around Cradle Mountain in Tasmania revealed some beautiful things…stunning shapes and colours.

Tasmania forest

Tasmanian forest


Tasmanian forest


Tasmania forest

Tasmania forest

It wasn’t all still life. I spotted a wombat waddling through the undergrowth. He was in no hurry to get away. He was happily chewing on his dinner, and was not inclined to turn around to show me his lovely face.

Tasmanian wombat

Soon I will be walking in Italian forests around Casa Debbio. I’m hoping for snow.



  1. A brief but lovely time with you and Jim, Deb. Hopefully one day you can return the compliment if and when Kathy and I make it back to Bagni di Lucca.

    • Casa Debbio awaits your visit. Come on over.

  2. The beauty of nature!

    • An artist could not have done it better.

  3. How lucky to spot a wombat

  4. Definitely the best of both worlds. Australia and Italy .

  5. It’s such a beautiful, peaceful place. When we were there and I was trying to photograph the wildlife – all I ever managed to get was their backsides and our guide told us this was the “tourist view”:) I wasn’t lucky enough to spot a wobbly wombat bottom.

    • We saw a few wombats and lots of wallabies. The wallabies were a bit quicker than to slow wombat.

  6. Beautifully natural arrangements and great photos, Deb.
    Your wish for snow may be granted, as this winter has been quite mild, at least up to now…..

    • I think there has been lots of rain in BdL. I hope this gives way to snow.

  7. so beautiful dear Debra, I loved them all. Thank you, love, nia

    • Thank you Nia. The Australian bush can be very beautiful.

  8. Great post Debra! What is a wombat? Never heard of it before! How exciting you are off to Italy again!

    • A wombat is an Australian marsupial about the size of a chubby dog, with very short, strong legs, which it uses for digging. They are reasonably common. I leave for Italy in a few days. I will be there for 4 months.

      • Wow that sounds rather large! The time I went to Australia I remember being in awe at all the interesting kinds of wildlife that we don’t see here. As for Italy, that sound fantastic! Can’t wait to see all your photos and read your posts from there! 🙂

      • Sounds wonderful Debra!

  9. Gorgeous pics, Deb. Nature is truly beautiful……so is the wombat bottom!

    • I was happy to spot the wombat going about his business.

  10. The ultimate stylist.

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