Posted by: Debra Kolkka | February 2, 2016

Beautiful bay

We had a quick visit to Tasmania to escape a bit of Queensland summer heat. We visited our lovely friends who live in Binalong Bay on the east coast. It was overcast when we arrived but the sun came out the following morning to allow some photos of the beautiful beach.

Binalong Bay

The lichen covered rocks look as though they have been painted especially to delight viewers.

Binalong Bay


Binalong Bay


Binalong Bay

Binalong Bay


Binalong Bay

Binalong Bay

Binalong Bay

The long stretch of beach was looking a bit wind blown, but gorgeous.

Binalong Bay


Binalong Bay

The point was shrouded in morning mist.

Binalong Bay

Our friend Roz has a wonderful cooking school called Kiss a Fish. It is a perfect .spot for a seafood cooking school. Take a look at her website…  I have sampled her delicious cooking many times, I know her lessons would be fun and informative


  1. So beautiful!

    • It is beautiful part of the world.

  2. I love the east coast of Tasmania- so pristine.

    • It is a beautiful coastline.

  3. I was wondering how you guys were going in Tasse with the fires etc. Looks like you are doing OK. Your photos are beautiful

    • We were lucky with the weather and now I am back to hot and steamy.

  4. The colour of the lichen is extraordinary. What a beautiful Bay.

    • The rocky coast is quite lovely, we were lucky the sun came out.

  5. A truly beautiful place!

    • Yes, I can see why our friends moved there.

  6. Love your life Deb! So cool to escape to Tasmania in the midst of a Brisbane summer. What spectacular scenery!

  7. Absolutely breathtaking! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  8. Looks so gorgeous there, Debra. If our dad had gone ahead with his emigration plans from the UK in the early 1960’s, that’s where we were headed. 🙂

  9. I did a double take when I saw the pictures as I wasn’t sure what the rocks were covered in until I read the post. It looks like a lovely spot. Good luck with your pop-up shop.

  10. AMAZING … Frank and I did a 3 day walk in the Bay of Fires some years ago and it was just beautiful.

  11. Gorgeous! I miss the beach.. thank you for the top up.. c

  12. Such a beautiful part of Australia.

  13. Looks delightful, hope to get there one day soon 🙂

  14. Those rocks look painted by an artist!! 😀

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