Posted by: Debra Kolkka | November 20, 2015

Pop up shop

In my past life I had a shop in the city centre of Brisbane. I designed and made most of the clothes. (Clickย here to see something of my things). Over the years I have managed to collect a room full of fabric.

I like to sew and I would like to see my collection gradually disappear, so I have been making up some of my fabric and I am going to have a Pop Up shop with my friend Sam, who has a shop in West End, Brisbane.

I have made summer tops, shirts and dresses in cool cotton and linen, ready for a hot summer. In most cases there is only 1 or 2 of each…here is a preview.

Please drop in to say hello and maybe find something you will love. We will be open from 10.00am, Monday 23rd November,ย for 2 weeks only.

Here is Sam’s shop. It is at 239 Boundary St,on the corner of Corbett St, West End.

Sarva's shop

Sarva's shop


  1. Great fabric designs, I wish I could sew.

    • I have been sewing since I was a child. I have had my Bernina for 50 years.

      • I have a Bernina that my mom and dad bought me in 1979 and I hardly used it. What a shame! Your clothes look gorgeous.

  2. Lovely collection. Couldn’t you do some thing like this in Bagni?

    • Tina has several of my shirts. I am busy with my garden when I am in Italy.

  3. I will be there Deb. See you soon

    • I look forward to it.

  4. They’re just the thing for the Brisbane climate!

    • I have kept everything cool and simple.

  5. Lovely collection Deb….hope you do really well.

    • Thank you. If it is successful I will do a few a year.

  6. Oh I so wish I could fly to Brisbane and pick up a Deb original! I greatly treasure the little bag you made for me!!

    • I will have a few of those bags in the shop. It has been fun being back at my machine.

  7. The pieces look great Deb. Sure they will be walking out the door. x

    • I hope so. The clothes are very wearable.

  8. I would love to have some of those here for next summer.

    • That can be arranged.

  9. Oh I wish you would do this in Italy!! Deb, they are BEAUTIFUL! And I just hopped over to the link to see your archive…my God, you are a talented woman, aren’t you? Lovely, lovely stuff!!! I have thoroughly enjoyed myself on your site this morning. Inspiring!

    • There is plenty of gorgeous stuff in Italy. I do make shirts for some of my friends in the village. Thank you for your kind words.

  10. Such talent……love the fabrics and the simplicity of the designs…….wish I could be there….

    • I can do much more complicated designs, but it is about to become very hot here, and we need to wear as little as possible.

  11. I loved these fabrics, inspired me. Thank you dear Debra, have a nice weekend, love, nia

    • Thank you Nia. I know that you sew too. Now you can sew for your new grandchild.

      • yes of course. ๐Ÿ™‚ I made somethings for newborn baby now. You are welcome and Thank you dear Debra, love, nia

  12. That is so cool, Debra! Congratulations !! What a great way to downsize your fabric collection and at the same time return to your roots for a while! I love the idea of the PopUp shop! Best wishes to you and Sam!!

    • Thank you Margie. I know I will only buy more fabric. I think it is an addiction.

  13. Beautiful designs and fabrics, Debra. Good luck with the pop up shop. Great idea. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thank you. I hope we are successful. If so, there will be more in the future.

  14. Good luck

    • Thank you. The weather has just become very hot, so we should sell a few things.

  15. Gee I wish I was there so I could stop in and buy one of your creations!

    • I wish you were too. It is a bit far to come for some shopping.

  16. nice job. George

  17. Will try and call in.. Lovely fabrics Debra…

    • Please drop by to say hello.

  18. I’ve just enjoyed going back through your archive of designs too. Some very beautiful things, especially the greens. You have such clever fingers! We’ve just had our grandchildren for the weekend; we spent yesterday at the Wynnum water park – it must have been the coolest spot in Queensland.

    • Lucky you, it has been very hot.

  19. All the very best Debra. I love this. Its very cool that you can sew. Have a wonderful weekend ๐Ÿ™‚ Best from India

    • I have enjoyed getting back to some sewing. I will be busy in December and January preparing for the next Pop Up.

      • All the best! When are you in Italy next?

      • I will return to Italy in mid February.

  20. Hello Debra
    It was lovely to meet you yesterday and to alk about Italian life and education. I am very pleased with my purchase of the beautiful white top! I’m now ready for summer. Looking forward to the next pop up shop. I will have to get in earlier next time.
    Regards Lorella

    • Thank you for dropping on. It was very nice to meet you. I will be working hard over the next couple of months for the next Pop Up and will let you know when it starts.

  21. […] My Pop Up shop went well. It was great to see some faces from my days in retail in the Brisbane Arcade. I am now busy sewing for my next one at the beginning of February. […]

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