Posted by: Debra Kolkka | October 15, 2015


On my recent trip to Florence I spotted the newest installation on the Gallery Art Hotel near the Ponte Vecchio. Last time I noticed it there were people with animal heads climbing up the front of the building.

Now we have spoons…I have no idea why, or why some spoons are red and some are white. The spoons are made from recycled plastic by artist SimoneD’Auria and called “I Eat Earth”.

Spoons in Florence

Florence spoons

Florence spoons


Florence spoons


  1. Thank you for the information and photos Debra. I was quite intrigued by it. I found out that Simone d’Auria is an architect and designer and his project is inspired by the 2015 World Expo theme, “Feed the planet”, which explains the spoons. The large one has a name: Bruno. Here is the information… In Italian

    • Thanks for the link. It is good to know more.

  2. How very interesting. Almost looks too “modern” for Florence

    • This hotel does lots of interesting things, I like it.

  3. Thank you for digging out that information Mulino Dominillo! I was sorry to see the previous display go, but this one is also interesting.

    • I liked the last one too, but I like that they change things.

  4. Great idea for designing a building

    • I think it is great that they support artists.

  5. I like them! c

  6. This is amazing and so creative. Thank you, love, nia

    • It is a fun installation.

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