Posted by: Debra Kolkka | September 15, 2015

The rain came

There has been heavy rain in the area and it is great. I can almost hear my garden breathing a sigh of relief.

Here is the scene at Ponte a Serraglio from the previous post. It looks completely different in the rain.

Ponte a Serraglio

Ponte a Serraglio

Ponte a Serraglio

Ponte a Serraglio

The mountains are surrounded by swirling mist and clouds.

mountains in the mist

mountain mist

mountain mist

My view at Casa Debbio completely disappears in mist, only to reappear minutes later.

Casa Debbio
Casa Debbio

Casa Debbio

Casa Debbio

Geraniums in the mist…

Casa Debbio

The rain has been very welcome. If we get a bit more there might be some porcini mushrooms in the forest.

The birds at Ponte seem happy to see more water. I spotted a gorgeous grey heron (I think) looking for fish. He was about 1 metre tall. The white one is about half that size.

Ponte a Serraglio


Ponte a Serraglio


Ponte a Serraglio

It’s great to see birds on the river. I hope it means that the ecosystem is healthy.




  1. Your place is beautiful in all weathers. I love the mist in the trees. We have a second home in South Devon, we get sea mists and when they come in I love it, the feeling of being cut off but lovely and cosy inside.

    • I love the mist too, especially at Casa Debbio. I think the mountains look fabulous covered in cloud.

  2. Like the bird and the mountain photos 🙂

    • It is great to see birds on the river. We used to have a lot of ducks, but the crows ate the babies and the females flew away.

      • that is a horrible story, lets hope the duck population rises in your area again 🙂

  3. Oh such a relief. Great news

    • The rain has been very welcome. It will give the garden a little boost before winter comes.

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    Bagni di Lucca is beautiful at any time.

  5. Your garden must be relieved.enjoy the cooler weather.

    • I think I will see some nice green grass soon. After the rain the hot weather has returned.

  6. Breath-taking views you have 🙂

    • We have great views from our apartment and our house, we chose them for this reason.

  7. Send some of that rain over here, will you? We could use a drop or two. 😉

    • If only we could share.

      • Funny story: Was talking with a British friend years ago about the lack of rain. He sent me a pill bottle of British water via airmail. A few weeks later, we catch the side of a hurricane: plenty of rain and flooding. It’s covered in the local paper so I clipped out an article about the recent flooding and sent it back to him with a sassy note: “See what you started??!!” LOL.

  8. Glad to hear that there has been enough rain. Perhaps more will be coming. It was badly needed.

    • Yes, the land has been parched. I think this rain will help a lot.

  9. Leaving for Italy tonight am pleased the weather has cooled off

    • It is still quite warm in the middle of the day, but the mornings and evenings are delightful.

  10. FYI Debra, The white heron is an Egret, same family as the heron and also comes in various versions (all white)… ‘Little Egret’, ‘Great Egret’, ‘Cattle Egret’ etc, etc.

    • Thank you for the bird information. I love to see them on the river.

  11. Still looks wonderful to me. Know your garden will welcome the rain as long as it doesn’t come down too heavy

    • The rain will give my garden a nice little boost. I can see a difference already.

  12. Obviously the birds are loving the rain too

    • After such a long, hot summer everyone is pleased with the rain.

  13. Gorgeous shots of the mist over the mountains!

    • I am sitting in mist right now. The sun is trying to shine through.

      • Lovely!

  14. I think the land around Bagni must have been desperate for some decent rain. When we arrived at the end of July it was baking hot and continued to be until mid August, when it went from very hot to hot. When we left on 1 September it was still hot and dry.

    • It is still hot, but now it is steamy after the rain. There is more to come I think before things cool down. I avoid summer where possible.

  15. That is an enchanted, very atmospheric view! 😀

    • It is gorgeous here in the clouds.

  16. I love misty mornings and mountains and geraniums in the mist look enchanted. I’m glad you’ve had some rain there. Brisbane had some useful rain overnight too. I got stuck inside the chook house when I delivered the rations to the inmates this morning because the door had swollen with the rain. I couldn’t open it from inside because He-who-built-it saw no need for a handle on the inside. It’s surprising what strength terror and imagination lends to one – I didn’t fancy pushing the chooks aside to get my share of breakfast!

    • I wouldn’t like to fight a chook for breakfast either.

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