Posted by: Debra Kolkka | December 11, 2014

Bologna after dark

Bologna is one of my favourite cities in Italy. It is a university town and has a lively young population. The city looks especially vibrant at night.

Outdoor tables appear in little streets lined with food stalls by day, and they soon fill with people out to have a good time.





Restaurants sit invitingly at the end of alleyways and beckon you in.


The basilica has been recently renovated and shines brightly at night.




Piazza Maggiore never disappoints.


Don’t miss Bolonga on your trip to Italy…and stay for at least one night. The city is easily reached by train. It is on the main line between Milan and Florence.


  1. I love Bologna and my son has just moved down there. Good luck with the awards!

    • Your sone will have a great time and you will be able to visit…lucky you.

  2. How you have captured this lovely city. recognise that very special deli-think we stayed near by on that last trip there. Anyway best of luck with the awards – you have got my votes.

    • We did stay on the corner of that street, well spotted.

  3. We have only visited by day and loved it. We now need to come back and stay overnight to see what you have shown us.

    • You must go to Bologna for a few days to get to see more of this wonderful city.

  4. Bologna looks like a great place to be, Debra. Gorgeous and lively pics. 🙂

    • Bologna is a wonderful Italian city. I am lucky that I can go often.

  5. Bologna looks so atmospheric in the dark. And lively too.

    • It is a sophisticated, modern city in an ancient setting.

  6. One of Italy’s most underrated cities. I love it too! So moody and super cool in a quite understated way I think.

    • I agree that it is underrated. It should be on everyone’s list of places to visit in Italy.

  7. Thanks to you, two of the main places I want to go on my next trip are Genoa (the Old City) and Bologna.

    • Both cities are underrated. I hope you visit both soon.

  8. Your first 4 pics really capture the vibe of Bologna at night. Buzzing!

    • It is a wonderful city, I look forward to returning soon.

  9. I’ve always wanted to visit Bologna – what a great University city.
    Beautiful architecture, as we can see here, and in your earlier posts.
    I will have to make a determined effort to go and explore Bologna, Rome, Venice – all of Italy!

    • It is a fabulous city. I usually stay at the Hotel Drapperie, which is on the corner of the 2 market streets, right in the centre of town. It is a great place to base yourself.

  10. Doing my vote for your blog Deb and good luck with that. Love Bologna too.

    • Thank you for nominating the blog. I hope it makes the short list.

  11. Did the cathedral used to be plastered completely? The bigger holes are for scaffolding I believe, but what about all the smaller ridges of holes? Mortar missing? Acid rain?
    Amazing pictures again, thanks for sharing!

    • No, it was always like it is now. It has been cleaned and repaired only.

  12. […] visits to lovely Lucca, fabulous Florence, marvellous Modena, Castiglione Garfagnana with Victoria, Bologna and Parma with Cathy for the antique fare (I’m going back with a truck next year) Main Beach, […]

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