Posted by: Debra Kolkka | November 15, 2014

G20 in Brisbane

I have arrived home to Brisbane just in time for the G20 to begin in my home town. Leaders from all over the world have descended on Brisbane for a chat about stuff.

Our local paper The Courier Mail provided us with a lighthearted photo of the group.

G20 Brisbane

The only real photo there is our Prime Minister, Tony Abbott. He actually is a volunteer life saver in his spare time. (Probably not lately)

We have put on a heatwave for their visit. Today the temperatures were in the mid 30s, with a hotter day to come tomorrow.

This probably won’t worry the leaders as they will be driven in air-conditioned cars to air-conditioned venues for their meetings. They won’t see much of Brisbane, which is a pity, it is a lovely city.


Many any of the meeting are being held at the Convention Centre, behind the beach you can see at the forefront of the photo below.


We live minutes from the places the leaders will be meeting and we are being circled by helicopters all day. Roads are closed in various areas and there is a huge police presence. Many people decided to leave town for the weekend, but I think it is quite exciting to be on the edge of a bit of history.

President Obama addressed a group of young people at Queensland University today. I was not invited, but I did get to see it live on TV. It went very well and the President spent time after his speech talking to audience members.

G20 Brisbane

I hope the visitors get to see a bit of our city. Our flowering trees are putting on a good show for them.

Poinciana tree Brisbane

Frangipani tree Brisbane

Putin is putting on a bit of a show too. There is a little group of old Russian boats cruising in the ocean just outside Australaian waters waiting for…what?

Will the leaders take a walk through the city?


…or have a swim at the beach at Southbank, just around the corner from the conference centre.

Southbank Beach

Maybe they will head for one of our nearby beaches.

Gold Coast beach

Or maybe they will just sit in a room and solve the problems of the world…at least we hope so.


  1. Are you back already. I cannot believe that 3 months has just flown by.

    • I was away 2 months this time, it went very quickly.

  2. This bodes well for world at large. United we stand, divided, we fall.

    • I hope it bodes well for us all.

      • An absolute truth.


  3. Love the photo from the Courier Mail! Cannot see the Spanish president in it… Possibly too serious for it, does not smile too much! The reports we get in Europe are very conventional and lack sense of humor. I just saw one reporting the meeting between the Spanish and Australian heads and also Rajoy’s visit to the construction site for the new Legacy Way, quite impressive! The Transcity consortium is made up by the Australian BMD, the Italian Ghella and the Spanish Acciona, all specialists in this field.

    • It has been an interesting weekend indeed.

  4. Good one Deb

  5. Although an inconvenience in getting around you never know who you might bump in to.

    • Unfortunately I didn’t bump into anyone important.

  6. Brisbane’s trees look great at the moment with all that colour. I doubt the delegates will get to enjoy it. We had a short break on the Sunshine Coast to see my mother in law and had good weather and I noticed how everything up north is just a few weeks ahead in the blooming department. Jacarandas were outstanding there at the end of October and are just starting here. Enjoy your time in OZ.

    • I’m sure the delegates saw very little except the inside of buildings.

  7. That’s fun! I did find all the preparations a bit exciting – and always one for a man In a uniform, I was impressed by the squads of policemen.

    • I have never seen so many police in my life.

  8. Thanks for this news update about events around the world happening in your own home town..As usual you photos are superb, Debra! I am surprised you weren’t one of the VIPs invited to the G20!!

    • I’m just an ordinary Brisbane citizen.

  9. What a gorgeous city! I have been to Australia but never Brisbane.

    • You must come one day soon.

  10. Oh Debra, Debra, Debra! I laughed so much over your comments in this post! Love the laconic Australian humour depicting the world leaders in casual garb and Putin as the ‘Mad Hatter’. Your comment about the ‘old Russian boats’ cruising our waters – so naughty ! 😁 Just imagine the intense security if the world leaders decide to have a paddle at Southbank Beach – not much fun! Let’s hope some REAL problems get solved ….

    • I can’t imagine that much would be solved in a weekend. I’m sure it is all for show, but with a bit of luck things would have been going on for months in advance.

  11. Cheers to the G20 visiting your city! … Love the opening pic of them!!!

    • It is a bit of fun. I wonder what the leaders thought of their photos.

  12. Gorgeous pics of your beautiful beaches and city, Debra. I think Obama looks really cool in the fun photo. 🙂

    • He was a big hit with the students.

  13. What an interesting time to come home Deb. Brisbane has certainly turned on up the heat in more ways than one. I wonder what Renzi is making of it all….?

    • It was extraordinarily hot today. I hope it passes soon.

  14. What an opportunity it could have been…. what a waste of tax money/ police time/ general energy, as was to be predicted. As per usual with these kinds of meetings.
    But, maybe, it is better to try and fail than not try at all –
    Who said that again?
    Anyway, good night and have a lovely time back home!

    • I don’t think it was considered a failure. It all went very smoothly and everybody was happy with it. I think it is all for show. They would need at least a week of meeting surely. Some of the delegates have stayed on for further talks.
      Australia certainly gots lots of publicity overseas. Before I left Italy there were several programs on TV about Brisbane…it can’t hurt.

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