Posted by: Debra Kolkka | October 27, 2014

Paris walk

I think Paris is the most beautiful city in the world. What could be better than a leisurely walk through the fascinating streets?

The morning started well with a pretty sunrise. Here is the view from my window. I love these rooftops with their chimneys.

We walked to Frenchie to Go for breakfast. It is in  Rue du Nil, a cute little street with some great food shops.

Frenchie to Go serves great coffee and a very delicious bacon sandwich.





Le Louvre des Antiquaries made for an interesting stop…no photos were allowed inside past the foyer…pity.




No prizes for guessing where this is.


Louvre Paris


This appears occasionally.




Le Bon Marche is one of my favourite stores.




Especially good is the food market area. I think the French do the best pastries.

Here it is from the other side.

It is important to look up occasionally when wandering.

A day in Paris is not enough.


  1. Paris is definitely the most beautiful city Debra! Love it! Thank you for the wander!

    • I need to spend more time in Paris.

  2. As king Henri IV said: “Paris bien vaut une messe”. One of the most interesting and beautiful cities in the world. A pity that they did not allowed photos at Le Louvre des Antiquaires. A fascinating place! Next time, you should have breakfast here:

    • I will definitely find your breakfast suggestion.

  3. Agreed

    • I actually had 2 days in Paris, but several hours were spent at exhibitions.

  4. Yes a day is never enough but it will tide us all over until our next visit/s….thanks for the glimpses!

    • I would like to spend at least a month there at some stage.

  5. One of the most beautiful cities, agreed. Firenze takes some beating x

    • I was in Firenze today, and yes, it takes some beating.

  6. Love Paris

  7. what a lovely day. I particularly like the photo of the Eiffel Tower through the bare tree branches and those beautiful pastries – the fig ones look wonderful. Don’t Tv aerials and satellite dishes look odd on old buildings. I think I could spend quite a lot of time just breathing in Rue de Nil.

    • We bought the fig pastry, and the raspberry sauce, and they were excellent.

  8. Oddly enough, it’s a city I haven’t visited … yet.

    • You really do have to go to Paris.

      • Some day is the plan!

  9. Merci…

  10. We are spending two weeks there over Christmas and New Year’s! Can’t wait!!

    • How lovely…I’m sur it will be beautiful at Christmas time.

  11. Paris is such a wonderful city. It is just 12 months since I was there but I want to go back!!!!!.Enjoy Debra. Great pictures.

    • Paris needs to be visited regularly.

  12. Beautiful photos of a beguiling city. Thanks for the lovely tour. Memories of being in Montmartre in October last year. Wish I was there again now.

    • Paris is a gorgeous city. I will be back in Brisbane soon, not Paris, but not bad.

  13. I too think Paris is the most beautiful city in the world. I enjoyed your tour of it. 😉

    • I love Paris…can’t wait to go back.

  14. You are right Debra you definately need a week not a day in Paris. Lovely photos once again.

    • I was thinking of a month.

  15. Gosh that bacon sandwich looks good!! Paris is beautiful, and I agree with you, one must remember to look up!

    • There are so many beautiful things to see in Paris. It is easy to see why it attracts lots of visitors.

  16. I’ve never been to Paris, but I hope to go someday soon. I think it’s a captivating city. Thank you for the walking tour.

    • It is not too far for you to fly from New York, you must go.

  17. And how good is it to have a city where you CAN actually walk and still reach the places you want to get to?

    • It is a very walkable city, with a delight at every turn.

  18. Truly the most beautiful city in the world. I love looking up…there are so much to see. 🙂

  19. I’d like six months in Paris. I’d write a book. Sitting at a tiny window and tiny desk, over looking cobblestoned streets. I write for hours and hours and when I was tired of writing I wander down stairs to the tiny cafe on the corner, order coffee and a teeny pastry. I’d look out on passing people, the busy streets and be so inspired once more, I’d have to race back to the tiny desk at the tiny window and write some more….sigh. Paris…one day.

  20. Beautiful beautiful post Debra! Paris is my favorite city in the world and I feel so fortunate to have spend my junior year of university in 1993 living in Paris! 🙂 I will always love it! Gorgeous post! (as always)

    • Lucky you to spend that time in Paris.

      • Yes it was an unforgettable time! Ah to be 21 again and living in Paris! 🙂

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