Posted by: Debra Kolkka | September 14, 2014

Ponte a Serraglio

It has been a while since I have taken you for a walk around Ponte a Serraglio. After a few days of rain the sun came out…perfect for a little stroll around the village.

The geraniums are still growing on the bridge.


Colle watches over Ponte a Serraglio as usual.


The river is a little higher than usual for this time of the year because it has been a wet summer.


Early in the morning the reflections on the river are quite lovely.

Our resident heron waits patiently for a fish to swim by.


If he looked above the weir in the still water at the edge of the river he would find lots of baby trout, but perhaps they are too small to interest him.


The walking bridge, built about 4 years ago, has been a great addition to the village.


The views from the bridge are excellent.



The park at Villa Fiori is benefiting from the wet summer. Everything looks green and lush.


Villa Fiori is still in need of some love…any takers?


The tiglio tunnels leading to Ponte Serraglio are starting to turn yellow.


A walk up the hill towards Bagni Caldi offers great views of the village.



You can see our apartment beside the bridge. (The one with the tiny balcony) Tomorrow it will be covered with scaffolding because our balcony is about to be renovated.


Higher up the view is even better.




This inviting path leads the way even higher up the hill…next time.








  1. Lovely to have you back in Ponte and sharing your delightful photos, A 🙂

    • It is good to be back.

  2. So looking forward to seeing your village up close and personal in just a few weeks, Debra!!

    • I will give you a personal tour.

  3. A+ for delightful photos.

    • Thank you, Ponte a Serraglio makes a great subject.

  4. I’m glad you have enough strength and fortitude to survive in such a difficult place to live. 😉 … and of course you know what I think of the beauty and Bagni’s charm.

    • I manage to scrape by.

  5. Beautiful! The last of the summer warmth and light!

    • The mornings and evenings are already cool, but the days are lovely.

  6. I would really like to see the beautiful Villa Fiori restored and put to good use. A school, a health centre,,. It would be fantastic!

    • We need someone with lots of money to come and rescue Villa Fiori. As you say, it would make a great school, health centre or hotel.

  7. There are some advantages to a wet summer. Beautiful views.

    • Lots of rain has kept everything green and beautiful.

  8. Lovely photos, always so nice to wander around your village with you! Fixing a balcony over water is never easy, I’m sure! 🙂

    • The builders are here right now erecting the scaffolding. It takes up all of the footpath, so there will be a disruption for a while.

  9. Good to have a last look at your balcony before the renovations begin. Your pictures of Ponte a Serraglio are beautiful as ever. I have to say this is one of the most beautiful villages I’ve seen in Italy, and you’ve chosen an idyllic spot to live.

    • The balcony is going to look great. It has needed work for some time now, so it is good to see it happen.

  10. Thank you for the tour. It’s lovely to see the village and the river. I especially like the road with the canopy trees. It makes me think of some lanes in the southern US like that. The sunlight dappled through the trees is wonderful.

    Good luck on your balcony renovations.

    • The tiglio trees make a great entrance to the village. Even when they are bare they look wonderful.

  11. This walk around the village has made us very homesick.

    • Ponte is waiting patiently for your return.

  12. Brought back wonderful memories Debra….. Thank you! Good luck with the renovations!

    • It will be great to have new tiles and a cleaned up balcony.

  13. It is simply breathtaking! Lucky girl.

    • It is a gorgeous village. We are lucky to have found our way here.

  14. Ahhhh memories Debra .jan arrived home yesterday . It was great you two were able to hook up.enjoy your stay .

    • It was great to catch up, even if only briefly. I am enjoying being back.

  15. Your blog has inspired us, we are arriving for a 2week break on Sunday 21st and staying at Via Serraglio, Ponte a Serraglio – can’t wait! Beautiful photographs, breathtaking scenery. Maybe we will see you in cafe one morning. Rob, Debbie, Christine and Barbara

    • I’m sure you will like Ponte a Serraglio. I am to be found most mornings at Il Monaco in the little piazza enjoying a coffee and a sfoglia.

  16. Debra, I think you might just live in a little piece of paradise. Seeing your lovely photos is the next best thing to being there. Thanks so much,
    Robyn (from Brisbane, visiting in Melbourne)

    • Ponte a Serraglio is a very nice place to be, we love our time here.

  17. Amazing views and great pictures. Thank you for sharing them with us.

    • Ponte a Serraglio is a beautiful part of the world, we love it here.

  18. Lovely shots, Debra, we have wonderful memories of that balcony (and of Ponte). I eagerly anticipate photos of the renovation.

    • The scaffolding is almost finished and the work will soon start. It will be great to have a brand new balcony.

  19. I love these ‘walks’ with you. I’m always struck by the fact that the beautiful old buildings lining the river look some what precarious but they have remained stoic and steady for lifetimes and more.

    • Most of the buildings are at least 200 years old and have survived earthquakes…2 last week.

  20. Thank you for the tour. Ponte looking fabulous – as usual!

  21. Good luck with the renovations finally happening and thank you to show me our house is still there 🙂

    • I met some people who are staying at your house and they love it.

  22. On my first visit to your blog.. and I’m absolutely impressed and amazed..
    Your photographs are simply divine.. And I’m guessing that’s a normal thing for you 😛
    I envy you for living in such a place.. <3 <3

    • Thank you for your kind comments. I live part time in Ponte a Serraglio, and the rest of the year I live in Brisbane. I like both.

  23. By the way, could you add a Pinterest button on this blog ?

    • I think I have added a Pinterest button. Click on the “Share” button.

  24. Gorgeous photos, I felt as if I was there myself! Good Luck with the renovation!

    • The work seems to be moving along. I can’t wait to see my new balcony when the scaffolding comes down.

  25. Lovely views but also interesting details shots too Deb! So many fish! 😮

    • There is always something to see at Ponte a Serraglio.

  26. The views from above are lovely.

    • I love to walk up the hill above the village, it always looks great.

  27. Grazie mille Debra. Mi viene un po’ di nostalgia vedere queste belle foto. Sono nata a Bagni di Lucca. Dina

    • What a beautiful place to grow up.

  28. It looks wonderful, Debra! So serene 🙂

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