Posted by: Debra Kolkka | June 7, 2014

Beautiful boy sighting at Florian in Venice

Caffe Florian started as 2 simple rooms in Piazza San Marco in 1720, making it the oldest continuously running caffe in Italy. Casanova was a frequent visitor, largely because it was the only coffee house that allowed women. Later on Lord Byron, Proust and Charles Dickens liked to take their coffee there.

Today the caffe is sumptuously decorated and the prices reflect this. Florian is ridiculously expensive, but it is necessary to try it at least once during your Venice stay. How could you not visit a place that has been open since before Captain Cook sailed along the coast of Australia? (8 years before he was born, in fact)

In the warmer months there is an orchestra playing under the portico, adding a delightful touch to the already wonderful atmosphere. Expect to pay €6 per person if the music is playing…it is worth it.





Although it is fun outside, I prefer to sit inside in one of the gorgeous rooms.



We ordered affogato (which means drowned…gelato drowned in espresso)


It was brought to us by a beautiful boy. Actually he was a handsome man, but there is no alliteration in that. Here he is…don’t say I don’t think of you.



  1. Hahaha.Thanks, Debra. 🙂

    • There are lots to choose from in Italy and they are usually happy to pose.

  2. Florian is a delightful place, worth the extra money, but you had a much more handsome waiter than the ones we generally had….

    • It never hurts to look at something pretty.

  3. Merciful heaven! I love those beautiful boys, thank you for thinking of us.. and don’t you think it a little weird when you see people is shorts and gawdy T shirts with sneakers and White socks pulled up, walking through these superb spaces.. I mean I know they need to be comfortable but there is a wee contrariness in me that wants to demand beautiful clothing to go with the beautiful decor. c

    • I agree. I am often horrified what some tourists wear. They probably would get around in their own city wearing shorts, an old Tshirt and an ugly pair of sandals, but feel quite comfortable doing so in some of the most beautiful locations in the world.

  4. Yes Deb, see what you mean – love that blue room and the boy with the blue eyes – memorable all of it. And bet the affogato was memorable too.

    • The affogato was delicious and the handsome chap made it all seem so much better.

  5. Beautiful cafe and beautiful boy. I hope he’s there when I go to Florian. 🙂

    • Keep an eye out for him.

  6. That is what friends are for! Thank you.

    • I like to share my finds.

  7. well spotted – I would like my espresso delivered by him but they don’t have any like that in Clayfield!

    • Perhaps he could be persuaded to move to Australia.

  8. Priceless!!!

  9. some beautiful italian girls please!

    • You had Annalisa recently.

      • Now there’s a thought!

  10. Mmmm, looks tasty and the ice cream looks good too!! Must check if he’s there tomorrow….! Great post too, thanks!! ;o)

    • Say hello from me if you spot him.

      • Haven’t spotted him yet but will keep looking….!!!!

      • He must turn up for work soon.

      • He probably does, I’m just not there every day!!! Fingers crossed next time!!! ;o)

  11. The beauty of the customers was even better when we were there to enhance it, Debra! Nice post and great to see the place again.

    • I love Florian. I know the prices are nuts, but it is fun to go there.

  12. I couldn’t take my eyes off the affogato!! 🙂

  13. The art piece … WOW, WOW, WOW! And affogato … equal WOWs! 🙂

    • It is a fabulous place to go to when you are in Venice.

  14. Deborah was this the same place that Richard Tulloch wrote of recently?
    And I do love an affogato

    • Yes, it is. We missed each other in Venice by a day.

      • oh no! I love how the internet makes the world so connected.

  15. We have seen the Florian flooded during an acqua alta. So pity.

  16. […] Caffe Florian in St Mark’s square in Venice is celebrating its 300th birthday this year. It is the oldest caffe in Italy and a good reason to visit for a very expensive coffee. […]

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