Posted by: Debra Kolkka | January 2, 2014

Ivan and the snowmobile

Jim and I are not really all that experienced in things involved with snow, which is why we decided to have a guide with us on our first snowmobile ride. Meet Ivan from Russia.


Ivan showed us how to handle the snowmobile, which was a bit bigger than I was expecting and we were off through the snow. This is us beside the Saariselka sign.


…and this is Ivan pulling our snowmobile out of the snow after we fell over.


We were soon back on the track driving through beautiful Lapland scenery.


We stopped occasionally at especially pretty spots that Ivan knew about.



We weren’t the only ones on the track. While we were stopped at the little creek a large group went through, including a family in a snowmobile led sleigh.



He took us to a spot where reindeer like to gather, but they had decided not to attend the meeting that day and didn’t turn up, so it was back on the snowmobiles and up to the high point above Saariselka where it was very windy and bleak.









Thank you Ivan for a great time on our first snowmobile ride…you made it great fun.

That is the last of the reports from the snow in Lapland. I am back in lovely Italy…in the rain at Casa Debbio.


  1. You certainly had a very enjoyable trip! And, fortunately, Ivan from Russia did not turn up to be “The Terrible”, but “The Great”.

    • Ivan was excellent. We had a wonderful time in Lapland.

  2. That snowmobile looks like one powerful machine! What time of day was this?

    • We were out on the snowmobile between noon and 2.00pm. There are a few hours of light in Lapland.

      • With such a short window, must take advantage when you can.

  3. What a wonderful trip you had. Reminds me of Northern Quebec where we spent three years in 1976. Unbelievable scenery. Never did master cross country skiing. Took my boots off – found it easier to walk in the snow.

    • I don’t think I will ever be able to cross country ski. I should have tried it when I was younger.

  4. Lovely! I envy you, we have no snow here in the south. Enjoy.

    • I grew up in sub tropical Queensland, far from snow. It is a wonderful way to spend Christmas.

  5. I have really enjoyed all your snow adventures with Jim it has been fascinating what a wonderful way to spend Christmas

    • Our snow adventures were excellent. I hope to go again one year.

  6. Thanks to Ivan you saw the best of the scenery and arrived back in one piece. That sure was one hell of a white Christmas. My family left here this morning for Aspen Colorado for their ski holiday. It’s 32 degrees here today but blue skies and a sea breeze at Main Beach. X

    • It was a wonderful white Christmas, so different from my usual one.

  7. This looks like really cool fun, in more ways than one. 🙂 Ivan looks really competent and very friendly.

    • Ivan was great. He had lots of tales of Russia as well…very interesting.

  8. Deb, what an amazing ride that must have been! xx

    • It was great fun…Saariselka was a wonderful place to spend Christmas.

  9. I could look at these photos for ever, they’re so beautiful and I love the look of glee on your face (when you were in the ski-sled as well as the snow mobile). Those snowmobiles look very James Bondish – I wouldn’t mind how many times I ate snow if James Bond pulled me out:)

    • I only had James Scott to pull me out of the snow.

  10. What fun!

    • It was great fun. It is a pity I am not in snow very often.

  11. Beautiful pictures! You have such a gift for seeing and capturing places. Thanks for sharing!

    • Saariselka is a beautiful place, I hope you go one day.

  12. Looks fantastic!

  13. Your photos look very cold!!! What a lot of fun to ride by snowmobile. Thank you for sharing a nice time!

  14. So white and so pretty. It looks dangerous for me 😀 but I do wish to have the same adventure. You rock, Debra! 😀

  15. ha that reminds me of the time my brother and I went snowmobiling in Sweden….and ended up buried 4 feet in a snow drift!! hee hee good fun

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