Posted by: Debra Kolkka | October 1, 2013

Pinching food in Helsinki

Something wonderful happened on our way from Hong Kong to Helsinki. We were upgraded to business class on Finnair. It was fabulous and I am going to hate to go back to the rear of the plane in future. It was totally unexpected…thank you Finnair. If I am really good, will you do it again?

We are staying at the gorgeous Glo Art. I have stayed here before and I love it. The hotel is in an old castle and the entrance is divine.



The breakfast at the Glo Art is very good…which brings me to the title of the post. There was a middle aged couple lurking around the dining room and they eventually tucked themselves into a corner next to us. The man positioned himself on the lookout while his wife scurried around bringing food, which the husband then wrapped in napkins and squirreled away in a carry bag.

Unaware that we could speak English, she said “We will have to wait until they (meaning us) go before we do the rest.” They could clearly afford to travel from Australia and stay at a reasonably expensive hotel, but felt the need to stock up on food for the day…people are funny.

The really sad thing was they there were knocking off white bread and ham, tomato and bananas and kiwi fruit when they could have had some delicious rye bread and Finnish delicacies. What a waste!

Anyway, Helsinki put on a beautiful show for us today. The sky was blue and the sun was shining and we had a great walk around the city.









The light fingered couple could have gone to the market by the harbour and bought some of these gorgeous berries for a few euros.


Here’s hoping for a fine day again tomorrow. The temperature is quite low, 8 degrees, but that suits me just fine.


  1. Once in a while the airline’s attendant try to be nice,but it does not happen often,so enjoy while you can.

    • I really hope it happens again. It was wonderful to be able to lie down on a long trip.

  2. Pretty blue sky… nice shots… enjoy the opportunities as this blue or the business class.

    • Helsinki is gorgeous…especially when the sun is shining.

  3. Sounds heavenly! Hope the blue skies and beautiful temperatures continue. And, goodness, the upgrade sounds FABULOUS!

    Hugs from Ecuador,

    • I’ll be hoping for more upgrades, and no doubt will be disappointed.

  4. As you explained, Debra, some people do amazing things!!!But I have seen it done before and by people who do not seem to have a need to do it.
    And you are right, an upgrading is a gift from Heaven….or the airline…

    • It was quite obvious what these people were doing. I wonder if the staff notice this going on.

  5. Nice to hear you’ve had a good experience in Helsinki so far! It feels odd for me to look at pictures of my home town when I am living abroad. Please enjoy for me too! And how lucky to be upgraded on a long flight all the way from Hong Kong!

    • I love Helsinki. I come several times a year and I enjoy every season.

      • Lovely to hear that! Finland really is a four-season country 🙂

  6. Oh you lucky girls….what a bonus to be upgraded….do you think Emirates do the same thing!!!! As for the light fingered Aussies – I hope they enjoyed their spoils. See you in a few days.

    • Being upgraded was so excellent. We couldn’t believe it when we got to our seats.

  7. I had that experience recently with JAL and yes it was wonderful. Your hotel looks gorgeous

    • I hope it happens again soon.

  8. Oh those geese are gorgeous!! And the castle door looks amazing!

    • I do love Helsinki.

  9. What a great treat for you girls to get that rare upgrade. The sights look wonderful in that crisp cool weather. Keep on having fun

    • We were very excited about our upgrade. We didn’t realis until we got to our seats.

  10. Shits me when you get to travel and I’m sitting here reading about it! I’ve booked Steve Spano’s house for July ’14 , Cherry “sacked” me the other week! Stay “Cold” and keep smiling —-

  11. How lovely to get an upgrade.

    • We felt very lucky indeed.

  12. Castles in the air! What delightful things you experience Deb and such joy to be able to stretch out when you are tired. 8 degrees is a perfect temperature when you can dress warmly and be active – I love the posts on Helsinki.

    • I love to walk around the city when it is cool.

  13. Isn’t an upgrade heaven? I stood in a queue where a man was upgraded from business class to first class and he couldn’t give a toss! He didn’t react at all and just grunted lol.

    • It certainly is heaven. I’ll bet you felt like kicking that man.

  14. Congrats on the unexpected upgrade! Love the hotel doors …. and you had blue sky too!

    • We had a great couple of days in Helsinki. The weather was perfect.

  15. Oh yay for upgrades! They say the hardest thing about plane travel is turning right….

    I must admit to being guilty of squirrelling away a sandwich from the breakfast buffet…..

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