Posted by: Debra Kolkka | June 22, 2013

Now I have seen everything

This photo was taken (from the passenger seat) while driving on the Autostrada between Lucca and Pisa.


Yes, the driver is looking at an IPad. I’ll admit that the traffic was moving slowly because of roadworks, but it was moving. We followed the driver for about 20 minutes when he finally put the tablet away…to pick up his phone.


  1. I thought all Italians had mobiles attached to their ears!

    • That is the same the world over.

  2. Amazing!!! I have seen lots of people using their phones and driving at the same time, but a tablet???? Crazy!

    • I thought it was worth a photo.

  3. It happens in America too. Dangerous driving habits.

    • Some people have no sense at all.

  4. It is happening everywhere, crazy!

    • Unfortunately that is true.

  5. As I understand it, in Italy you can be throw in jail for talking on a cell phone or texting….or this kind of thing. Can anyone confirm?

    • I’m sure it is illegal, but the police don’t seem to worry about it. They could collect a fortune in fines if they ever did start to charge people…and it might stop them doing it.

  6. If you think that is bad, I saw somebody breast feeding a baby whilst driving on the autostrada from Viareggio!

    • That’s a good one. Children seldom seem to be in seat belts here.

  7. Well, it was only a matter of time, I suppose. I’ve seen women putting on mascara using the rearview mirror while on the highway.

    Here in NYC, if you use your phone, it must be on a hands free device otherwise you can get a ticket.

    • I’m sure it is illegal here too, but that doesn’t stop them.

  8. Ok.. knowing how wild the italian roads are .. that is just plain scary! c

    • Ridiculous and frightening.

  9. I once saw a woman driving on a highway in Canada with sheet music stretched out across the steering wheel, mouth wide open and (apparently) singing at the top of her lungs while driving about 100k/h.

  10. We were once travelling behind a car on a very narrow windy mountain road in Italy where the driver had one arm out of the car holding a cigarette and the other to his ear with his mobile phone. Wondered what he was using to steer with?

    • I was on a bus here and the driver was speaking on his mobile phone when his other phone rang. He actually answered it and steered with his knee.

  11. Michelle, the mind boggles!!!

  12. Makes one cranky. So much can go wrong in a sec. And yes you see this bad behaviour everywhere.

    • I would like to see the police take some action here.

  13. Hi Deb,
    that road is dangerous enough with FULL attention. The passengers should complain to him. This is reckless/irresponsible behavior. Unforgivable if he caused injury or death.
    Hope you are keeping well and still enjoying Bagni Di Lucca.
    Cheers Judy

    • He was alone on the car and quite oblivious to everything.

  14. Oh that’s the Italy we are currently experiencing and loving!

  15. Omygoodness. That is unreal.

  16. Unbelievable!!

  17. Good grief!!!! That is ridiculous!!!

  18. That has certainly created and outpouring of mad driving observations! It is amusing until someone gets hurt. Perhaps driving these days has got so tedious we feel the need for these, sometimes, fatal distractions?

    • It isn’t really amusing at all. The problem is that these people doing stupid things can hurt others as well as themselves.

  19. Nuts!

  20. We see people (while driving 80 mph): reading a newspaper that is perched on the steering wheel; texting on one phone, with another one held by their shoulder to their ear; shaving with an electric razor; eating (that’s “child’s play after all!); putting on a total makeup job with the rear view mirror facing them instead of the rear view; using a laptop computer in the passenger seat beside them; texting; facing the rear seats of the car talking to the kids;…shall I go on?!?!? In the US the drivers are total maniacs at the wheel.

  21. I’ve not seen anyone driving with an iPad before! It’s very irresponsible and dangerous. People don’t really think about the risks of inattentive driving until something bad happens to them, and by then it could be too late. What’s so important that it can’t wait until you get safely home?! It’s against the law in Australia and the police are trying to bring attention to it, but sadly people still do it.

  22. Crazy and irresponsible! What a danger to other motorists. 🙁

    • I wish the police had been around.

      • Trouble is, they’re never there when you want them to be. 🙁

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