Posted by: Debra Kolkka | June 5, 2013

Dinner and dancing

It seems that most Italians can dance, and do so at every opportunity…old people, not so old people, quite young people and children love to get on a dance floor and enjoy themselves…and I love to watch them.

It is especially lovely to watch couples who have been dancing together for years and move beautifully together…there should be more of it. The photos are a bit blurry, these people were really moving.


The actual reason for being in Filecchio, a lovely village not far from Bagni di Lucca, was not the dancing, but to enjoy some delicious stinco di maiale, roast pork shank.

What a good idea to dedicate an evening to roast pork shanks. There were a few extras, potato chips, polenta, pasta and beans, but the star of the evening was stinco di maiale…I know it is an unfortunate name, but it tastes great.


I went with Heather from Sapori-e-Saperi…she knows all the best places. Now I just need some dancing lessons.

Filecchio holds several dinners and sagras over the summer. Call 3427599862 for information.


  1. Delicious and lots of fun!

    • I love evenings like this!

  2. Oh yum. This is the sort of thing I would like to experience in Italy.

    • You should come for a couple of months and really become locals for a while.

  3. Oh boy, that looks like such fun! And, good eating as a bonus.

    • I love the way everyone joins in for a good time.

  4. The next ‘Stinco di Maiale al Forno’ dinner is on 4 September. The ‘Sagra Polenta e Uccelli’ dinners (polenta and pheasant — not song birds) are on the last weekend of August and the first two of September. Dancing at all of them. There’s still time to book your flight and practise your two-step!

    • Thank you for the extra information.

  5. Love la festa in Italy

    • There are lots of lovely feste in Italy to enjoy.

  6. Those pork shanks would be just perfect on a cold Australian winter day like today! Just looking at all that meat just about falling off the bones all ready for eating and slurping is making my mouth water……!! Love the idea of doing the two-step to work off all those calories. Great to watch the Italians enjoying themselves.

    • The pork shanks are good any day…very delicious.

  7. Dance lessons should be on every school curriculum!

    • I agree wholeheartedly.

  8. I agree with Francis. Bring on the dance lessons. As for those pork shanks they do look good. Are they as delicious as our oven roasted lamb shanks. ?

    • They are every bit as delicious as our lamb shanks.

  9. The pork shanks looks delectable! And what a better way to work it off than dancing 🙂

    • I can think of no better way than a few spins on the dance floor.

  10. Definitely an event my wife and I would enjoy!

    • Clearly you need to come back to Italy soon.

      • 🙂

  11. Good food and dancing…what a fun time. The pork looks delicious.

    • It was a great evening, the pork was delicious and it was fun to watch the dancing.

  12. How sweet. The best of Italy.

    • One of the reasons I like to spend several months a year in Italy is that you get to join in lots of these great events, which would be difficult to track down on a short trip.

  13. I love pork shank and I love that Heather is really in the know about all the wonderful events happening in the area.

    • She finds all the best things to do.

  14. Sounds like a wonderful way to spend a lazy Sunday.

    • It was certainly a fun evening.

  15. Our area has already started with the local sagra too. I do love this season and you can smell the grigliate for miles around. Lovely to see all those older sassy couples and I can’t dance either!

    • I can actually dance , I just don’t have a partner who can.

  16. Gorgeous dance pics, and that food looks scrumptious. 🙂

    • Dinner and dancing…great combination.

  17. Charming! Just charming! The Italians have a way of embracing life and enjoying it in a slow and lovely way. Evenings like this are exactly why we intend to move there and experience for ourselves. Thanks for sharing!

    • I hope you find some lovely local events to enjoy.

  18. We happened on a festa evening in Certaldo Alto a few years back, where the locals were all dancing on a little piazza with fixed seating around the edge. It was so moving that I could not keep still, desperate to join in and knowing that I wouldn’t have a clue what to do! So I stomped and clapped until I was exhausted. My man had quietly disapeared to the bar!

    • The music was provided by an accordion player and a singer and they were very good. I would love to have had someone to dance with.

  19. This looks like a perfect evening!

  20. Was this part of a slow cooking festival or just a regular village get-together? Terrific how everybody joins in. I remember that from the Italian weddings when I was a kid. Such unselfconscious enjoyment of everyday life.

    • It was just a regular get together. I also like the way everyone joins in…including teenagers.

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