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Lucchio……Bagni di Lucca up high

The guide book says that as you approach Lucchio after some hairpin bends, it seems as if it is “hung” from the sky. I think they are correct, it certainly appears to defy gravity clinging to the side of an almost vertical drop.


Approaching Lucchio.


Lucchio through the trees.



Looking across the valley to the rest of Bagni di Lucca.

Lucchio was the fief of the Lupari family. Because of the fortress at the top of the town it became an important sentry of the Lucca Republic. Its position on the Florence boundary made it susceptible to danger, but the fortress successfully defended the town.

The tiny piazza at the beginning of the town is where we started our walk around the village and up to the fortress. Just above the piazza is a marvellous old stone house that must have been stunning in its day. Now it is a renovator’s delight.


Take a look inside… needs a bit of work.


It has a wonderful circular garden in front offering the best views in town.




Looking over the piazza.


Looking across to Limano.

We walked down through the village, which has a population of about 50 people. At every bend in the road the magnificent view appeared between the lovely old stone houses. There are some tiny well kept terraces with the occasional sleeping cat.





I think you would need to be part mountain goat to live in some of these houses.


This rooftop arrangement was most unusual.



We came upon the old telephone and post office… longer needed.



And some steps to nowhere.


We trudged back up the hill towards the old fortress.






That is as far as we got to the top. It was blowing a gale and after a few meters on feet and hands we gave up and went back down…..another day with better shoes.

Here are some last looks at Lucchio on the way out.



Lucchio is the last of the Bagni di Lucca villages along the road to Abetone. In fact, the turnoff for Lucchio is just past the sign showing the border of Lucca and Pistoia.


There is a porcini mushroom Sagra coming up in Lucchio. If we go I’ll tell you all about it on Bella Bagni di Lucca soon.


  1. It is a fantastic place, but it is not easy to get there, up to the top. The perfect spot to have a fortress, though…

    • It was my first visit to Lucchio….what an amazing position!

  2. Extraordinary work Deborah —- More importantly — hows my house looking ?

    • We think we found it, but also another close by. I have sent some photos.

  3. I think the beautiful old stone house – the renovator’s delight- could have your name on it!! You can just imagine it looking fabulous with a bit of TLC!

    • I think I am done with renovating for the moment, but it is such a pity to see the gorgeous house ruined.

  4. Yes see what you mean -the buildings do look like they are clinging on. Beautiful!! and you had a loveloy blue sky day as well.

    • It is an amazing village. Would you like to buy a house there?

  5. FAB FAB & FAB! Was wanting to visit this village in summer, but didnt get time to head to the hills of Lucca:-( Glad you did!

    • All of the villages of Bagni di Lucca have something wonderful to offer.

  6. What a beautiful place! I bet the people that live there are nice and trim!!! But, why don’t they have need for a post office anymore?

    • First of all there are not many people anymore and use more e mail, second point it is for the post service to expensive keeping a post office for just a few letters, may post offices in the mountain villages have been closed…some people are not happy about it…

      • It is always a pity when these small towns lose their services.

    • As Ilario commented, people are not using the post as much as they used to, and there are only 50 people in the village. You would think everyone would be very slim with all that hill walking.

  7. Oh wow! Beautiful view … love the sameness of the buildings. Yet … sad to see the disrepair of some of the structures. Great pics!

    • It is a real shame to see these house fall into disrepair. It would be wonderful to see these villages bustling again.

      • Don’t go to bed Debra … it’s late afternoon here in the US and the Aussies are start their day … Party is going well.

      • I am there is spirit.

  8. Stunning! I cannot write enough of how beautiful the scenery is. All the stones are gorgeous. I wish I lived there!!

    • You could live there. We saw several houses for sale.

  9. I love how those huddled stone houses hug the mountain! With those stunning views, it’s little wonder that local folk remain as long as they can. Deb, I share your delight in your discovering such beautiful small towns with us armchair travellers.

    • The lived in houses are very well loved. It is such a pity there aren’t more residents.

  10. How beautiful this place is…Thank you for sharing these images. It would be my dream to restore the stone house!

    • It is waiting there for you to arrive with lots of money.

  11. Thank for the beautiful pictures. Every time I see your pictures it makes me want to throw my luggage in the car and go looking for these wonders.

    • Italy is full of delightful places to discover.

  12. What an incredibly lovely place Debra! That stone house must have been gorgeous in its prime. That black cat grabs me for some reason, love the weathered door behind 🙂

    • The stone house was wonderful. We ate some of the figs on the enormous fig tree in the garden…..I hope nobody was watching.

  13. The drive sounds scary – but what stunning views. I am a Capricorn (goat) so maybe I would enjoy rambling around Lucchio!

    • You would need a bit of mountain goat to get around in Lucchio.

  14. I thought you were going to say you had found another stone house to renovate…..LOL! It is lovely, and the old beams and ceiling are magnificent. Thanks for the tour!

    • I would love to see that house renovated, but it won’t be by me.

  15. Love the line about having to be part mountain goat – and the renovator’s delight! Beautiful post. I would love to be there for the sagra of the funghi!

    • I hope the sign is for this year! We will investigate.

  16. Such a spectacular part of the world, thanks so much for taking me there! I had to laugh at ‘renovator’s delight’! Indeed, it would be amazing to see it restored but would take someone with a lot of patience and very deep pockets!

    • Very deep pockets indeed. Part of the roof seems to have been damaged and once this happens the rot really sets in.

  17. What an isolated place, Debra. Love the old stone houses, and of course, the lucky black cat. 🙂 Great post.

    • Lucchio is a wonderful village. There were several cats enjoying the afternoon sun.

  18. You certainly have a knack for culling out all of the finest gems in Italy! Beautiful!

  19. I could spend a lifetime here discovering gorgeous things.

  20. I really enjoyed this one Debra – Abetone and the Bagni di Lucca villages are on my itinerary for my next visit – thank you

    • I’m sure you will have a great time in our area.

  21. Just favoloso, and just so Italia Lyn

  22. Awesome photos !

  23. Buy it, and just clear the floor! One big table and a couple of old chairs and i could live with that view!! wow what a town.. c

    • I can see you setting up a farm here.

  24. It always amazes me to see so many buildings nestled into the hillsides… but at least it means that everyone has a great view over and above their neighbours rooftops!
    It looks like a beautiful village 🙂

    • It is a beautiful village and it needs a few new residents.

  25. Damn. Seeing these photos wants me to quit my job, leave NYC and hop on a one way flight to Italy.

    • I think you should….but New York is fabulous too.

  26. We love these photots of Lucchio.We are proud to say we have just bought a property there and that “staircase to nowhere” is on our terrace!

    • How exciting for you!!! When I come back to Bagni di Lucca early next year can I come up to Lucchio and see your property. I would love to see pots if geraniums spilling down those stairs…..if that suits you of course.

      • Only if you could bear to drink a glass of Prosecco on the terrace!Along with the house,terrace and staircase we also have a “ruin” to deal with.x

      • I would love to come to Lucchio for a Prosecco on the terrace. I also want to see the ruin. We rebuilt a pile of rocks in Vergemoli, so I have a little experience with this.

      • Hello ! the “staircase to nowhere” and the terrace is property of my family. I’m happy you enjoy the view ! maybe one day we’ll restaure it.

  27. Your experience could be helpful!It’s the ruin of a house that once stood beyond the staircase.The stairs would have led to the front door.Due to the location of Lucchio it wouldn’t be cost effective to rebuild so we’re hoping to lay the area as flat as possible and create another terrace area, maybe one day with a plunge pool?!

    • I would be happy to help. We pulled down the pile of rocks we bought and started from scratch. We had some great builders working on our house. I would be happy to pass them on to you.

    • Build a terrace on a area which is not yours?

  28. Just revisited this post to remind me this fabulous town and post.

    • Lucchio is a fascinating town. I must go back noe that the weather is improving.

      • Looking forward to what you bring back to share.

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  30. Hello! I know that you have posted this a while ago, but I was curious as to how you got up into Lucchio? I am currently studying abroad, and I would really like to visit Lucchio as my grandparents once lived there. Any information would be helpful! Thanks! Beautiful pictures by the way 🙂

    • There is a local bus, but this can be difficult. I think the best way to arrive is by car.

      • Hello! Sorry for this extremely late reply… Unfortunately I was not able to make it up to Lucchio :/ I wasn’t old enough to rent a car but I believe I will make it there some day. Thanks for the advice! 🙂

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