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Say hello, again, to Luis and David from Paris Boheme, Lucca

My last evening in Italy was spent at Paris Boheme in Lucca. It has become one of my favourite places to eat in Lucca. I love the food and the setting, but mostly I love Luis and David who run the restaurant.

My friends and I are always greeted warmly and we know we are in for a fun evening.


Luis making an entrance.

The boys have a new kitchen and the food is even better than it was before.




I often go for lunch, or just an aperitivo.


Luis is front of house, but if you are really lucky you will get to meet the lovely David, who is usually busy in the kitchen.


If you go to Paris Boheme, and you should, say hello to the boys from Debra.(and try the erotic salad)
They will be starting cooking lessons later in the year. I’ll let you know more about those soon.

Click here and here to see more on Paris Boheme.

Paris Boheme is in Piazza Citadella 6. (the piazza off Via Paolina, with the statute of Puccini )
39 3389305275.


  1. Yum! Love the sound of the erotic salad too. x

    • It is very good. You must come to Lucca to try it.

  2. So nice to see them again! We stopped in last summer at your recommendation and enjoyed the Exotic Salad and Parmesan – exquisite! It was extra special being able to connect with them through you, Debra! Luis is quite a character and so much fun while David, although more serious in the kitchen, gave us a warm and friendly greeting as well.

    • Paris Boheme is my favourite place in Lucca. The boys are great fun.

  3. Oops, I meant Erotic Salad 🙂

  4. Oh, the food looks amazing. Makes me want to eat. Don’t you just love a place where you are known and welcomed accordingly. It makes a huge difference.

    • It makes all the difference. Luis is friendly towards everyone, but I get a special hug.

  5. They are seriously gorgeous & thank you to Sandra for discovering them – many a riotous evening spent there – cant wait to go back.

    • Lucca would not be the same without Luis and David.

  6. Looks delicious!

    • You should try it next time you are in Lucca.

  7. Exotic or erotic – no matter! It’s great that people like Luis and David create lovely food for lucky eaters like you to enjoy. The asparagus look delicious and that generous grinding of coarse pepper over the food – yum!

    • The food is very good at Paris Boheme. We will go there together one day.

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  9. The erotic salad is great. I’ve only been for lunch not the evening but those potatoes do look very enticing!

    • The potatoes tasted as good as they look.

  10. This looks wonderful, and I just read the other post with a picture of the exterior, how beautiful. I want to sit there on a warm & breezy afternoon (prosecco anyone?) As someone who doesn’t eat red meat, I was so delighted by Italy’s approach to vegetables: simply cooked (olive oil!) and lots of them. And the fish, of course.
    And I agree, a warm welcome from a restaurant leaves just as important an impression as the food.
    (Thanks for reading & commenting on my blog) 🙂

    • The little piazza in Lucca where the restaurant is is quite lovely. We went there on our very first trip to Lucca and wanted to buy a house there. Paris Boheme would really have beennour local.

  11. Who could possibly resist?

  12. Yum …. and then to add the setting … ahhhhh.

    • It is a lovely little restaurant.

  13. Thanks for your delicious suggestions!

    • I hope you visit one day.

  14. This makes me even sadder that they were closed that night we stopped by to eat! Phooey! Now, we have to go back in November for sure!!

    • Perhaps you could do their cooking classes in Novemeber.

      • Hmmm…now there’s a great idea! Thanks for the info.

  15. Having looked at the hungry-making pictures I think it’s time for dinner. I wish I could try the Paris Boheme.

    • You need to visit Lucca one day.

  16. How wonderful to see Luis & David again. It’s our first stop when we land at Pisa, we can’t get there quick enough. Always a warm welcome and delicious food.

    • The boys are a lot of fun. There is always a warm welcome at Paris Boheme.

  17. Yes lunch at Paris Boheme was delicious and that wonderful warm greeting from Luis made us feel like he had been waiting for us to come back to his restaurant. That was ,of course because the boys are very fond of you Debra.

    • I’m sure they are charming with everyone.

  18. I love these kinds of places! Where it is quaint, full of ambiance, personable and excellent food. I want to visit your part of Italy so bad. Someday I will!!!! E

    • I hope you come while I am there. I would love to meet you.

      • I would love to meet you too! 🙂

  19. Hi Debra, I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a fun blog photography contest. Hope you enjoy!


  20. Our group of 9 enjoyed many of the dishes mentioned above (including the erotic salad…Yummm!!) just a few days ago. Luis was adorable and attentive, David was surely super busy in the kitchen preparing for the 9 of us plus other diners.
    Thanks for the recommendation Debra. I also managed to go to your 3 favorite stores in Lucca. Sorelle (?) was my favorite!!

    • That’s great that you met Luis and David, they are a lot of fun. The lovely family at Le Sorelle always make visitors feel welcome too.

  21. This sounds really a wonderful place to eat, Debra. “Erotic salad” must be delicious. Isn’t that the name of a movie?

    • It sounds as though it could be a movie and Luis and David should be the stars.

      • 😀

  22. […] It was a gorgeous day in Lucca, the sun shone and it was delightfully warm, so we had a stroll through the streets before having lunch at Paris Boheme. […]

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