Posted by: Debra Kolkka | May 25, 2012

The most beautiful shop in the world

I know I said this about the Hermes shop in Paris, but I have changed my mind. When I walked into Esmeralda Home in Porto Cervo, Sardinia, I wanted to move in. I’m sure you will understand why.















We met the delightful owner and designer, Marco when my friend bought this beautiful hand beaded scarf.


There was another very handsome assistant to help with our purchases.


Next time you are in Porto Cervo, drop in to say hello.



  1. Okay, Deb, when I read the title, I thought, “Now that is quite a claim.” However, I think you may be right. Good God, this stuff is stunning. I especially love the chair with cave of branches built over top–and big chuncky coffee table, the dresser with leather drawer pulls. Wow. I want it all! Thanks so much for sharing this!

    • I just loved this shop. I was delighted when the owner allowed me to take photos. I think everyone should see this beautiful place.

  2. Never seen a store more beautiful. My favorite colors – beige, white etc.
    The pictures are stunning.
    Pam Proctor

    • Everything in the shop was beautiful. The owner obviously has exquisite taste.

  3. I want the driftwood chair!

    • I want the whole shop!

  4. I want one of everything, and maybe the owner and the assistant too – oh, those Italian men!

    • They were both very good looking men and very stylish.

  5. Absolutely gorgeous!!!!

    • We came upon the shop by chance, and fell in love with it.

  6. Appears like the ‘haute couture’ of stores……a place for imagination to run wild.

    • It really is one of the loveliest shops I have ever been in, and I have been in a few.

  7. Good taste at the most!
    Fine shots.

    • Everything is beautiful in this shop.

  8. Very chic Debra…..And I love a man who knows how to wear his scarf. The gentlemen coordinate perfectly with the decor too!!

    • They did match, didn’t they?

  9. Your friend’s hand beaded scarf is beautiful. #scarfenvy

    • It is a gorgeous scarf. She decided she had to have it at first sight.

  10. Absolutely gorgeous, Deb, but I have to say, your photos of the Hermes shop really blew me away!

    • Hermes is an incredible shop…stunning. This one is gorgeous in a different way.

  11. This shop is spectacular! Are the prices reasonable or outrageous? Wow, I would love to get a new wardrobe there!

    • The items in the shop are not cheap, but I thought they were worth the prices.

  12. What a stunning shop Debra..I can see why you were excited. My colours too!

    • It is rare to find a shop where everything is beautiful. I would have happily taken everything home.

  13. Just perfect Debra….and I think I could see my little white teapot there!

  14. Natural and neutral — absolutely beautiful! Love the look on the owner’s face as he admires your lovely friend.

    • He didn’t really want to be photographed as he felt he wasn’t looking his best. I hope he doesn’t mind.

  15. Makes me want to open a shop myself!

    • If only it was that easy!

  16. Deb you have captured the style of the beautiful Esmeralda Home Bazar so wonderfully well. Yes I agree with your statement ‘I want it all’ and yes could just go and live in that shop. We have all seen interesting and beautiful peices from Java, Indonesia, Nepal , South America,New Guinea,and the list goes on ,but the owners really have the best eye for buying then for the actual visual merchandising – never have I seen anything as well done as this.Even the actual store with its cave like doorways and alcoves just makes it delightful to wander through and discover pieces.

    Yes I do adore my scarf – seems too simple a name for a ‘piece’ so divine.
    Your photos are so much better than mine . Clever girl .Thanks for sharing.

    Dianne Cant

    • You scarf is beautiful, and you get to think of this lovely shop every time you wear it.

  17. You know the mannequin with the blue shirt and the satchel.. I WANT THAT SATCHEL! Oh mercy what a fantastic shop, and all that white, it must glow!! c

    • There are many things to want in that shop.

  18. In my head is a little voice saying “oh, how lovely” – which takes me back to the days when my girls (non-feathered variety) were young and we used to listen to Tubby the Tuba narrated by Danny Kaye – and Tubby, overcome by the emotion created by hearing something beautiful -sighs, in an awed little voice “oh, how lovely”.

    • Oh, how lovely, seems an appropriate reaction to the shop.

  19. Is it bad that I really want so many things in those photos? 🙂

    • You have to line up behind me.

  20. Divine! The scarf and shop is beautiful too.

    • I loved everything in the shop!

  21. This IS a beautiful shop! Love the colour scheme.

    Debra, I’m looking for an older post of yours from (I think) last year. In it you had photographs of a fruit/veg shop with all the produce beautifully displayed. Also think it was in Italy. Do you know which one I’m talking about?

    • Hi Lisa, it could have been Food Market in Bologna revisited, but it could also have been the food market in Florence. I will try to forward those posts to you.

      • Thanks, found it! It’s “The food market in Bologna revisted” post.

  22. I ll move in too!

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