Posted by: Debra Kolkka | March 28, 2012

Today at Ponte a Serraglio

Spring is here. The days are warm and sunny and the trees are beginning to turn green. Take a look at lovely Ponte a Serraglio.


This is the view from my balcony. My roses are growing.


My peony is growing.


The pansies on the bridge are growing.


The magnolias are almost finished.


We have bluebells everywhere.


I have twin daffodils.


Old seed pods will soon be hidden by new leaves.


The new leaves are appearing.


Soon there will be wisteria.


You can almost watch things growing.


There are fruit blossoms.


And violets.

The bees are in seventh heaven.


This orange bee likes my pansies.


This holly bush is very popular.


The bumble bee prefers the pink flowers.







What’s not to love about spring????

Take a look at Bella Bagni di Lucca for a post about lovely shepherd Renzo with his flock.


  1. Everything is to be loved about spring, you are right! But we must have open eyes to see all its nuances, like you manage to do with your photos! Great!

    • It is the most amazing time of the year.

  2. In England it’s illegal to pick wild bluebells – it carries a hefty fine if caught

    • I’ll keep that in mind if I have the urge to pick bluebells in England.

  3. And the bees are happy and very busy! Lovely photos!!!!

    • That bumble bee was huge!

  4. beautiful pictures Debra! How gorgeous are all those flowers!

    • There are flowers everywhere and soon the wisteria will bloom.

  5. wow!! I feel so warm…. It’s really good morning!

    • It is a glorious day here today. The sun is shining, the river is sparkling….heaven really.

  6. Those bee pictures are so cute! You are right, it is literally unfurling before our very eyes, each time I sit here at the computer and look out on my fig tree the leaves have opened a tiny bit more and there are now teeny weeny little figs about 1/2 cm in size! A week ago it was completely bare. Can’t wait for the wisteria!

    • Aren’t these days heavenly??

  7. A beautiful post Debra. Full of hope. The peony shot is exquisite. Speaking to a friend in Perugia yesterday who wasn’t feeling too hopeful about Italy. I would love him to see this post…

    • Hopefully I will get some good flowers this year on my peony plant. Last year wasn’t good. I hope Italy can recover from her woes. It is such a beautiful place.

  8. Such a lovely way to start Primavera Debra…loved your blossoms…all very beautiful…even the seed pods are glorious! Ciao, R.

    • We are having gorgeous days now.

  9. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an orange bee before! How fascinating! 😮

  10. That certainly brightened my morning, what fantastic pictures especially the bee!!

    • I stood for ages trying to get those bees to pose, but they would have none of it.

  11. Debra
    Picked up the latest West End Mag at my sister’s place yesterday and was thrilled to see your article and your wonderful photos. Well done and I look forward to one day getting back to your wonderful Italian home.
    Sue Carlyon

    • I haven’t seen the magazine yet. A friend is coming over soon, hopefully she will bring me a copy.
      Spring has really arrived in the last week and it gets better every day.

  12. I especially love the photo of that bee – I had no idea they could come in such bright shades of orange!

    • Neither did I!! He was a very big bee and quite furry.

  13. Beautiful! Absolute. The photos made me feel the warm of the sun.

    • The days are quite warm here already. The mornings and evenings are still cool, which is nice.

  14. Looks beautiful Deb. I really miss spring now we live in Queensland! Wish I was at Bagni di Lucca … I’m jealous!

    • Spring here is just gorgeous. The wisteria is starting to bloom.

  15. Beautiful closeup images, but the first pic is the one that still captures my attention.

    • That is the reason we bought this apartment.

      • Cheers to you for that!

  16. The view from your balcony is amazing. Things are blooming here, as well, but the view, unfortunately, is lacking.
    Happy Spring.

    • I am standing on my balcony right now and there is a fisherman after a trout for dinner.

  17. Such a beautiful time of the year. That orange bee is amazing!

    • I haven’t seen one quite like that before. He was just buzzing around my balcony.

  18. Beautiful colours! I planted some pansies about a week ago, waiting for the colour to explode!

    • Mine are growing like mad. They are such happy flowers.

  19. All I can say is that your pictures are enchanting! It’s why I look forward to spring…

    • Spring is the most delightful time of the year, especially here in Italy.

  20. Aren’t the bees the funniest? It’s so nice to see the big, fat ones back to get what we call “pollen drunk” in the summer – they get so wacky that they hang from the blossoms in a “drunken” stupor!

    Spring is speeding along here, too.

    • I love the bees especially those big bumble bees. I found it difficult to get to sit still for a photo.

  21. Oh joy! I love spring flowers and bees and all your beautiful flowers – I think we have your weather here too for now, so warm it’s quite magical, what a lovely set of photos, fresh pansies and those peonies appearing – I love them all 🙂

    • I was up in the mountains yesterday and it was actually hot in the sun. We need some rain badly, but I am enjoying these sunny days.

  22. There is nothing not to love about spring!! It is lovely to see all this cheering colour.

    • It is constantly changing. The magnolias are almost finished, the trees are turning green before our eyes and the wisteria is starting to bloom.

  23. The hillside at our villa is covered with irises in spring, hundreds of them. It’s been too long since I’ve been there to witness them.

    • What a pity you aren’t in your lovely village right now.

  24. Beautiful! Spring has sprung.
    Love the bee shots.

    • I love the bees too. They are having a lovely time with my pansies.

  25. Bel post, davvero. Grazie.

    • Thank you for dropping in.

  26. These beautiful photos will hopefully help me get to spring! We have a good 6 weeks to wait. Grazie!

    • Our days are already becoming quite warm this year.

  27. Beautiful! I love the seed pods, Could make a wonderful print.

    • Feel free to use it to make a print. I would like to see it.

  28. Really interesting pictures! I love the ones of the bee!

    • If only I could have got them to keep still!

      • I know that’s always hard for me too, when I take pictures of my dog.

      • Moving animals don’t make things easy.

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