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It is magnolia time in Lucca

The magnolias are blooming in Lucca. Corso Garibaldi for a couple of weeks each year is lined in pink and white. I have written this quote from a Lucca guide book before, but it is so good I am going to repeat it.

“If you will be there around the half of March you’ll fill the emotion of walking between the wings of magnolia trees, whose leafage full of flowers looks like a big rose-coloured fireworks even though….unnaturally static.”

Doesn’t it make you want to be there????














Come to Lucca in March.

Click here to see the magnolias from 2011, and here for 2010. You may be surprised to learn that they looked quite similar to this year.


  1. I love magnolias and these pictures are sublime. How fortunate you are to see them. x

    • Magnolias are everywhere just now. It is a pity the season is so short, just a couple of weeks.

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  3. What amazing trees! Magnolias are favourites of mine. That’s a classic quote Debra and well worth repeating. Looks like there might be an opening for a new writer/translator at the Lucca tourism office. You should put your hand up!! 😉

    • I do love a botched translation….so much fun.

  4. You’ve captured the waxy elegance of those magnolias in your pictures, Deb. They always make my heart sing looking at them! I agree the quote is truly apt for these beautiful blooms.

    • I go to Lucca just to see these trees when they are in bloom. We have them in Bagni di Lucca too, but not a whole street like this.

  5. A wonderful time of the year for a beautiful city. And your photos look great!!!

    • The flowers are already falling to the ground. Soon they will be green with leaves.

  6. Stunning, beautiful photos! I can’t believe they are falling already, I haven’t been in yet to see them this year. Although my magnolia envy is already quite bad so maybe I should stay away!

    • The flowers will only last a few more days I think. They are falling fast.

  7. What an explosion of colour – I can only imagine what it must be like to actually be there!

    • It is the most delightful street, now if we could only get rid of the cars.

  8. Absolutely! … especially since I just discovered you had a second blog! And thanks for letting me reblog your recent San Cassiano post, which I did today.

    • There is a spring festival in San Cassiano tomorrow. I am hoping to go to see what it is all about.
      I actually have 3 blogs, there is one on Helsinki as well.

      • Well, I know you will take the camera! 🙂

      • The weather is not looking good just now.I hope it will be fine tomorrow for the festival.

  9. Next year I just need to get to Lucca in March so I can enjoy these gorgeous trees. I grew up enjoying them in the spring, but we don’t have this variety here on southern California.

    • We don’t have much season change in sub tropical Queensland either.

  10. Gosh, Deb, these photos are stunning. I know it’s cliched to say–but they really do take my breath away. So glad to have been born in March!

    • I am a March baby too!!! We found our lovely village on my 50th birthday on 1st March 2003.

  11. such a beautiful post! Love these flowers…

    • The magnolias are beautiful flowers.

  12. Debra…truly glorious. In less than a week I’ll be in Paris…and then on 28 April in Lucca for a week. Hope we can catch up.

    • I will be here until 10th May so I am looking forward to meeting you in Lucca.

  13. They are so pretty to look at; even when just the mention of the word “bloom” makes my eyes water and itch, I do love spring!

    • I start to sneeze once the acacia comes into bloom in about a month.

  14. From a distance, the magnolia flowers remind me of the cherry blossoms that line the Tidal Basin in Washington, DC. Your beautiful closeup photos show they are much larger than the cherry blossom and somewhat like the very large white magnolias we had in Virginia. The Italian magnolia trees are exquisite! Thanks so much for sharing, Debra!

    • The flowers are not as big as those of the magnolia grandiflora, but they are very pretty.

  15. Just catching up on your posts, Deb; wonderful magnolias and I like that description – static fireworks, it adds to the charm. Love Villa Rosalena, what a wonderful job they’ve done. Best of all I love the pictures of the Central Market, I practically sniffed the screen. It looks as though those hanging hams/prosciutto (?) have gold leaf over the protruding bone – what attention to presentation they have given it all. It must smell wonderful in there… and the mushrooms, how fabulous.

    • The markets in Florence are some of the best I have seen. The displays just make you want to buy stuff.

  16. I keep going back to this blog Deb and thinking if only those magnolias will hang on tight to their trees for another two weeks I will be there and will see them .Gorgeous photos- a very special time in that pretty walled city of Lucca

    • Unfortunately that won’t happen. I’m sure the trees will be all green in 2 weeks. They will still look great though.

  17. Great pictures the first one reminds me of cotton candy on a tree hehe.

    • The trees are beautiful just now.

  18. So gorgeous. We used to have a huge magnolia in our garden in MIlan, it made a splendid addition to spring.

    • It is a pity they don’t last a bit longer.

  19. Beautiful!! Here too – we’re enjoying the early-spring magnolias!

  20. I have never seen a Magnolia show to rival this anywhere

    • The street is spectacular for a few weeks. I went to Lucca today and the flowers are almost gone.

  21. Gorgeous, Deb! I do remember them from last year, and I’m really grateful you’ve taken photos for us again this year! It’s a bit like being there for an annual visit! 🙂

    • I only have 11 months and about 2 weeks until the next display.

  22. Absolutely beautiful Debra! The flowers remind me of the burst of cherry blossoms or wedding bouquets!

    • The colours are so delicate and beautiful.

  23. Magnolias are truly beautiful – I love the penultimate photograph in this series. Absolutely gorgeous.

    • I went back today, but the flowers are falling to the ground rapidly. Most trees now are starting to get their leaves.

  24. They are such a beautiful shade of pink aren’t they.

    • The flowers are gorgeous. There is also a darker pink that is not quite so common.

  25. realli nice pics! I love the spring in Lucca!!!

    • Spring in Lucca is divine. This is my 10th spring in Lucca, lucky me.

      • well, this is my 23rd spring in Lucca…but I am original from Lucca eheh…i really enjoy that you love so much my city!!! I will follow you blog with a lot of interest

      • I love Lucca. We were there today and it was full of people for the garden festival on the wall.

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