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Street Art – The art of the city

While Debra has been climbing hilltop towns in Italy I have been walking the streets of lovely Melbourne.

Melbourne’s street art offers a feast of colour, ideas and energy. These changing galleries enliven the ordinary and change the way we view beautiful Melbourne. Annual art commissions transform laneways into intriguing, captivating and sometimes challenging spaces for artistic exploration and expression. Common street art forms in Melbourne include large and small commissioned spray panted works, stencilling and papering.

Some of the best examples around Melbourne can be found in Hosier Lane which needs to be seen to be believed.

An example of stencilling


The famous Movida restaurant, where one has to book several months ahead to be able to get a table – so far I havent been successful, but I keep trying.

The art changes frequently - a Greek theme perhaps?


  1. Reblogged this on A Day in the Life of a Choco Taco.

    • Glad you enjoyed it enough to reblog

  2. Great photos and comments, Liz. I have always admired this type of urban art. I love the murals at the Mission neighbourhood in San Francisco. A great way to cover dull and ugly walls with artistic graffiti. Some recognised artists have started their careers doing this.

    • Sorry I have taken so long to reply, had a glitch with my internet – glad you liked the post – it was fun seeing the art.

  3. Stunning. The stenciled face is outstanding.

    • Yes it was pretty amazing. Sorry I have taken so long to reply, had a glitch with my internet

  4. These are great, I love street art. The duck is cute and the stenciled head is amazing! Thanks for sharing.

    • The artists are so clever, and the art changes daily. Could do many posts on it.

  5. I like the black duck.

    • He was very cute

  6. Amazing photos. I LOVE street art!

    • Thank you – I loved looking at it – it took me hours – the artists are really clever

  7. Always enjoy a snorkel through these lanes….graffiti…you either love it or hate it….but it does say so much about our society don’t you think!

    • I agree – but those lanes would be so dull without the skills of these artists and the art is so topical

  8. Street art is becoming more and more popular.

    • Yes it is and should be encouraged in the right places

  9. Wow – who knew? I’ve always loved ‘banana’ writing, be it on walls, sidewalks or trains. One more reason Aus and NZ are on my list of must-visit places…

    • Yes you should visit – it is a huge country though

  10. Ah! My grandmother grew up in San Cassiano di Controne… as you know, that’s up in the hills above Bagni di Lucca.

    I have a lot of Italy blogs posted at

    I was there in 1984… and then 2009.
    Hoping to get back there this year…

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