Posted by: Debra Kolkka | November 13, 2011

Gondolas and good looking gondoliers


Venice would not be Venice without gondolas. They are everywhere and there are some very handsome men guiding these lovely black boats through the canals. I think they might have to pass a test to be accepted, like the men who join the Carabinieri. I’m sure they only accept handsome men to pull on the navy pants with the red stripe and the gondolier’s striped top.




All the comforts of home.


It seems to be the domain of men. I did see one woman driving a cross canal gondola, but I wasn’t quick enough to capture her on film.

You will have to settle for the boys.


My gondola is bigger than yours.


Alpha gondolier.


A more casual approach.







The rain doesn’t stop them.


While we were in Venice there was a transport strike, which meant there were no ferries. The cross canal gondoliers were kept very busy.


Here are a few more photos of gondolas, I took a lot.








Gliding past one of the loveliest buildings along the Grand Canal.

The next one is my favourite gondola photo.


Tourists keep the gondolas afloat in Venice. Long may it continue.

For more handsome chaps click here to see our lovely builders, here to see the Giacosa boy, here to see the delights at Armani and here to see quite a lot of David Beckham.


  1. Sorry, but your comment about one gondola being larger than another, made me laugh out loud. Clearly size does matter!
    Amazing images. And I, too, love that last one.

    • Of course size matters, especially in gondola.

  2. Oh…I just love these images of Venice!!! Reminds me of the time I spent there. Wonderful!

    • A lifetime would not be enough to see all of Venice.

  3. Beautiful Venice, beautiful gondolas, beautiful photos! If you love Venice and dream of its past, you must see this 1998 movie, “Dangerous beauty”, a masterpiece that takes you back a few centuries back into Venice in all its glory. Don’t miss it:

  4. Great choice of motives :=)

  5. Hello Deb!
    Am off to Venice next weekend and thought I’d have a peek at your blog to see if you had any bits and pieces and BAM! there it is! Great timing! Beautiful pictures.
    Any recommendations for antique costume jewels?
    Hope you’re having a fabulous autumn!
    X P.

    • I don’t know of any antique costume jewellery shops in Venice. There is a fabulous market in Forte dei Marmi on the second weekend of each month, it was on this weekend. I can recommend a good restaurant in Venice. Vedova on the corner of Calle Ca d’Oro and Calle Pistor. If you take the traghetto to Ca’d’Oro stop in Cannareggio and walk down Calle Ca’d’Oro, cross Strada Nuova ( a really interesting street) and keep going, you will see it. It is busy, so get there early or book ahead. There is also an interesting wine bar further down Strada Nuova, turn left at Strada Nuova after exiting the traghetto and cross a couple of bridges and you will come to Cantina Vecia Carbonera. It is near Ponte S. Antonio.

  6. Beautiful photos, Debra. It’s been ages since I’ve been to Venice. I usually enjoy getting lost in the back streets but maybe it’s time again for a gondola ride to see everything from a different perspective

    • I haven’t actually had a ride in a gondola. I’ll get there one day.

  7. Deb, how observant of you – yes they are handsome- had forgotten until I saw your photos. Havent been in Venice since the mid nineties and need to return.Tell me ,do some of the Gondoliers still sing as they paddle or is it pole along?

    • I am known for my attention to detail, and this was very nice detail. We didn’t hear any of them singing, but I’m sure it still happens.

  8. Thanks Deb
    Not as good as our boy in Firenze but still very nice.

    • He was a true prize and hard to beat.

  9. The Gondaliers still sing we have heard them many times but did you enquire about the cost, very very expensive but then you have spent money getting to Venice, whats a little extra euros. I consider it the same expense if you took a joy flight for sightseeing.

    • I haven’t ridden in a gondola. I know they are very expensive. it was raining and dull for much of our visit. I will wait for just the right time to do this. I think it should be done.

  10. Your pictures brought back memories of our gondolier losing his footing and falling into the water. His ego and his cell phone were both damaged to the great amusement of the other gondoliers.

    Thank you for your fantastic blog.

    • I would love to have seen that. I wonder if he saw the funny side.

  11. Beautiful photos! Our gondolier was so handsome too… and knew it. He obligingly, nonchalantly, posed handsomely for me… 🙂

    • How extremely generous of him.

  12. Ok you got me now girlfriend!! Love the eye candy in Venice and Florence!!

  13. Hehe they’re not a bad lot are they! Hehe perhaps there is a test! I’ll put my hand up for judging 😉

    • That sounds like an excellent job.

  14. It may be an incredible touristy thing to do, but I don’t think I’d be able to resist a Gondola ride should I ever make it to Venice. Or perhaps I would just sit and watch them for hours…

    • Watching them in action is a lot of fun. I will do the gondola thing on a lovely fine day or night in Venice.

  15. We took our obligatory gondola ride in Venice. It was lovely but way too short for the price. Next time I would just admire others taking their rides.

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