Posted by: Debra Kolkka | October 5, 2011

Hermes – Paris, possibly the most exquisite shop in the world.

The recently opened Hermes on Rue Sevres in Paris is absolutely beautiful, and they let me take photos.



The beautiful window.


The flowers in front of the shop.

I walked in and was totally amazed by the interior.










The building is on the site of a swimming pool. The floor tiles are a nod to the old pool.


It is worth going into the shop for the flowers alone.


If you go to Paris you simply must go to Hermes. I didn’t buy anything, but the staff members were friendly and helpful and were happy for me to wander about admiring everything.


  1. Nobody does it better…….unreal………..

    • Isn’t it incredible??? I was so happy they let me take photos. I tried to not look like a tourist too much, but I thought everything was exquisite.

  2. Che Bella! Like walking thru a museum!

    • The space is enormous and so lovely. There is a small cafe there as well. I imagine the food would be excellent.

  3. The gift of your posts makes me so giddy; I can hardly stand it!! All the beauty you pick up and snap for us; it really is a lovely thing. You do yourself PROUD. Now I’m going to buy a Hermes perfume (this one for men) called Terre (although there’s also one for woman); my nod to your delicious post.

    • I’m sure you will be delighted with it. Everything they do is so well thought out.

  4. How beautiful! Thanks for taking photos for us, Deb! 🙂

    • I enjoyed being in that beautiful place and afterwards I went to the most beautiful department store in the world, Bon Marche.

  5. Shopping is my idea of hell, but I think I could survive a visit to Hermes.

  6. breathtaking <3

    • Breathtaking is just the right word for this shop.

  7. From saddle stitching in the 1800’s to world success. The Kelly bag is an old favourite of mine, always great, always fashionable, excellent design, a masterpiece. By the way, great photos.

    • They do everything so well. I love the homewares.

  8. this is amazing – thanks for being brave enough to ask them if you could take photos! Would you have minded if they had said “Oui – but just buy a small handbag first?” Keep up the good work, I enjoy travelling with you!

    • I was surprised I was allowed to take photos, most shops will not allow it.

  9. Wow…beautiful! If only I could buy just one…Have you ever visited Parc Montsouris near the Cite universitaire? I lived there and fell in love with that park. It is by far my favorite one in all of Paris.

    • I have not been to that park, but I will try to get there. I walked for 7 hours yesterday and my feet are not happy.

  10. Whoever designed the Hermes store loves being creative and quirky. What an imaginative place! I love the big touches – the domes, the flowers, the space – and the little ones – the bike, the ironwork, the tiles, the dinnerware. So glad the staff allowed you to take the photos, Deb, to give us mere mortals a glimpse of the unreal. Little wonder, Paris is synonymous with “flair”.

  11. Amazing! Absolutely amazing! Did I mention the word “amazing?”

    • Amazing is a good word.

  12. Deb you have more nerve than me, I just took some pics without asking. I agree it is possibly the most beautiful store.

    • I would not have asked at all except that I saw somebody else with a camera.

  13. Truly beautiful, thank you. Were you the only customer or do you have special priveledges? I am curious as to the material in the basket weave like structures – maybe bamboo? Just another reason to go back to Paris

    • There were not a lot of people in the shop, but it is huge and it would take a lot of people to make it look crowded. I saw another person taking photos which gave me the courage to ask. I’m not sure what the frames are made of. Bamboo sounds like a good suggestion.

  14. Oh my. Strangely cozy, y’know? I mean it’s elegant and luscious…and yet it’s not off-putting. I often have a hard time taking pictures in Italy…many restaurant and shop owners don’t like it! Have you encountered that??

    • Most shops won’t let you take photos, which I think is strange since just about everything they do is available on the Internet anyway.

  15. How fantastic. What a fantastic store. 🙂

  16. I was there in April and it is truly amazing… if only they can let you buy a Birkin! (sigh)

    • It is the most amazing store I have ever been in, although the Prada store in Soho, New York is pretty good too.

  17. It s truly a beautiful shop; a great use for an old swimming pool.

  18. They do amazing windows there don’t they! As for me, I’d be happy with a blue jean Birkin 😉

  19. Fabulous post, I love the interior and the windows. There is much to admire.

    • it really is the most amazing store.

  20. Debra…I know I shouldn’t but I think I’ll just have to make a detour here. The honest and artistic approach that this company takes to all its products is truly ‘magnifique’. Gorgeous photos and I just love the bicycle!

    • You must visit this shop!!! You can have coffee there in their little cafe. (It will cost you) Then you can head to my favourite department store in the whole world, Le Bon Marche.

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