Posted by: Debra Kolkka | September 28, 2011

Hollywood Rd

Hollywood Rd in Hong Kong is full of amazing antique shops and is home to one of my favourite temples, Man Mo. I braved the oppressive heat to revisit the temple and the nearby market.
Unfortunately the temple is being renovated inside and out and is covered in scaffolding. I went in anyway.


The figures receiving the offerings don’t look all that happy with their gifts.


Usually the ceiling is hung with spirals of burning incense, but because of the scaffolding it didn’t look as interesting as usual. There was a man busy lighting the coils and looking for an available space for them.


It is also possible to buy sticks of incense to offer to the relevant deity.


Perhaps this fellow would like some.


Or this one.


The markets were still setting up for the day, but some of the treasures were set out and waiting patiently for a buyer.


I thought these calligraphy brushes were beautiful.


The fans were also lovely, but I really love the collections of Chinese figurines.






At the end of the street we came upon the first gas lights installed in Hong Kong.


The Duddell St gas lamps date from about 1860. I’m sure they were very impressive at the time.
Don’t miss Hollywood Rd if you are in Hong Kong, but go soon, a lot of the antique shops and galleries are disappearing to make way for restaurants and coffee shops. I hope some of the old shops stick around.


  1. The statuette of the couple riding on the bomb is wild! I love old shops like that, where you can touch and smell and sometimes buy little bits of the past. Too bad they are disappearing…happy traveling.

    • The street market near the temple is a treasure trove. I bought some old handles to use on furniture in Italy.

  2. I love the calligraphy brushes!

  3. The figures receiving the offerings don’t look that happy with their gifts! (Hilarious – perhaps that’s the point – to guilt people into giving more?)

  4. “calligraphy brushes” I loved them so much, I have some of calligraphy sets from China, but these are so beautiful. Wonderful photographs you captured as always. It’s been a voyage for me too, even at my desk. Thank you, with my love, nia

  5. I have to got to have some of those brushes! Lord, they’re beautiful! As an artist, how I would love to paint with those.

  6. I also hope the antique shops stay around……people love delving and searching, well, I do at least and the people that come into Kellies Antiques love to find a treasure or two. It is a long time since I have been to Hong Kong and I wouldn’t recognise it. Enjoy!

  7. Not Hollywood-ish at all. I missed it while in HK, but thanks for the virtual tour.

  8. Oh how I adore fans, they are so pretty, I have this collection of them, but cannot display them as they just don’t work with the theming of my apartment. Great fun your having huh? Can’t wait to see more.

  9. Wonderful photos!

  10. I would love to go to Hong Kong. It’s been on my ‘to go’ list for such a long time. Love the little figurines.

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