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A beautiful bookshop in Bologna

At the opposite end of the shopping scale from the giant fabric warehouse is a delightful bookshop I found in Bologna.

I have come across the Libreria F. Veronese in Bologna a couple of times. It has been there since 1888 and quite possibly hasn’t changed all that much, except for the books, of course. To me, it is just what a book shop should look like. See what you think.

Libreria Veronese

lots of books

so much to choose from

so inviting

They sell antique and rare books, original and reproduction prints and lots of other things. I could spend hours in this lovely shop, climbing up and down the ladders, finding interesting books. There is only one tiny problem. I don’t read Italian.

Do look for this delightful shop if you are in Bologna. Via de Foscherari 19/a

It is in a seriously cute street as well, take a look at the decoration on the building.

I just love all these details

on the building on the other side of the tiny street

There are lots of posts on Bologna, one of my favourite cities in Italy. Click on the Bologna category to see more of the city.


PS.  Sadly, last time I went to Bologna the bookshop was closed. I hope it was just for renovation, but I suspect not.


  1. I agree, “it is just what a book shop should look like” it is beautiful, inviting… and full of books.

    • I could spend hours in there. Even though I can’t read most of the books I love the look of them.

  2. Wonderful! What a memorable shop.

    • It’s so inviting and quaint.

  3. Looks like a magic place, Deb. Shame you can’t read Italian! (I can’t either.. :))

    • I can speak enough Italian to get by, but written Italian is much more difficult for me.

  4. This is my idea of heaven – I just can’t imagine a world where technology, such as ebooks and the Kindle replace shops as beautiful and inviting as this one. There is joy in handling a beautiful book and inhaling its particular perfume, as well as being able to return to a well known passage that resonates on a personal level. I’ve often thought it a a telling comment on our world that when looting is afoot, its the electrical and bottle shops that are looted, but not bookshops.

    • I do like to hold a beautiful book in my hands. Reading from a computer screen is just not the same.

  5. It’s a shame that some of these old fashioned bookshops are slowly disappearing. Thank heavens this one isn’t.

    • It has been there a while, let’s hope it last a bit longer.

  6. It looks amazing!

    • It is beautiful bookshop,you should go if you are ever in Bologna.

  7. A delightul shop, worth a visit… or two. I find reading in Italian easier than speaking it. It is also a great practice and it improves vocabulary. I also try to read the Italian newspapers on the Internet.

    • I know I should try to read more, but I am too impatient. I find the way Italian is written much more complicated than the spoken language.

  8. Oooh, I would spend hours in that bookshop (well, if they also sold some English books, as I sadly don’t speak Italian either).

    I love that glass-front door, slightly recessed so you can stand there and wait for them to open, like if it’s raining in the early morning. It looks soo beautifully old-fashioned.

    I’m completely with Jan on this – “there is joy in handling a beautiful book and inhaling its particular perfume” – yes! Reading on the computer does not come anywhere close. There is always room for a book or two in my backpack or my suitcase.

    • I can see you with your nose pressed against the glass, waiting to get in ( and me right behind you)

      • Yep! That would totally be me!!! 😀

  9. dear deb, (and dear celia, as for your cute comment above 🙂 ) i thank you for all the amazing info you both always kindly provide us with! amo l’ italia, viaggiavo spesso dalla grecia in italia per motivi di lavoro e per divertimento, sono eloquente in lingua italiana e adoro tutto cio’ che leggo tramite il tuo sito, perche’ respiro quell’ aria amatissima italiana.. grazie tanto! hellenic summer greetings from here to all of you!

    • How lucky you are to be able to speak and understand Italian, and lucky to be able to travel there for work and fun. Grazie for your comments.

  10. What a wonderful place! I love book stores, and this one looks incredibly inviting. Hope you have a great weekend, Debra.

    • I love book shops too and this one is special.

  11. That’s really huge but very inviting. The main door itself is attractive leave alone the shop! I can spend whole day there & would like to go again & again.

    • It is not all that big, it is just crammed with books. I could spend hours in there.

  12. I love browsing through old bookshops. Somehow they retain an air of antiquity, a whiff of mustiness, and the joy of discovering a gem of a novel or autobiography in some nook or cranny. The age of technology may invent the e-book but nothing beats the pleasure of holding an actual book in one’s hand and turning over the pages, finding an appealing story. I love the vases of flowers on the wooden tables and the invitation to read a while in peaceful surroundings.
    I love the way you show us the intricate details of the facades. Art is everywhere!

    • It is a beautiful shop, there should be moe like this.

  13. Beautiful…….and Bologna is beautiful! Thanks for this post.

    • Bologna is indeed beautiful.

  14. Beautiful bookshop, I loved it. Thanks and Love, nia

    • Bologna is full of fascinating things to see.

  15. I don’t think you’d ever get bored there-as you say you just go for a walk and discover a new place! 🙂

    • There is much to discover in Bologna.

  16. I would go nuts in that bookstore! I love to read and love those old bookstores.

    • It is wonderful, but you need to be able to read Italian. Of course, it is fun to look anyway.

  17. I’ve just returned from Bologna… If I had seen this post before…

    • Bologna is worth another visit.

  18. Wonderful! – I can smell it from here 🙂

    • It is a gorgeous shop.

  19. I want to live in there like a little book goblin!

    • That sounds like fun.

  20. So glad to read this post, as I’ll be in Bologna in March for the Children’s Book Fair. I will definitely go to this lovely shop.

    • You will love it, even if you can’t read Italian.

  21. Debra I think I’ve found heaven…’re a star for pointing me to Libreria F Veronese. Will definitely call in this year.

    • This bookshop is wonderful! You will love it and the rest of Bologna.

  22. In March, I am going to Bologna for the Children’s Book Fair. I think I should visit this lovely bookstore. Thank you for your post!

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