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Breakfast in Bagni di Lucca – Italy

Every morning I am in Bagni di Lucca I cross the bridge to have breakfast at Il Monaco or Bar Italia, depending on which one is open. They are both owned by Annalisa, who makes the most delicious pastries.

I always have the same thing. I know this is boring, but I like it.

breakfast for 2

I have a cappuccino and an apple sfoglia. I have heard that fruit is good for you.

apple sfoglia

Annalisa makes these every day. I can’t tell you how delicious they are. They are light and crisp and full of apple – so good for you.

I dream of apple sfoglia for breakfast when I am in Australia.

Over the next few days I share some other breakfasts with you, but this one is my favourite.


  1. I wonder how she makes them? Maybe next time you’re in Italy you can find out for us.. 🙂

    • I will ask if I can go into the kitchen and watch. It may involve getting up at 3.00am but it would be worth it.

  2. Looking at that apple sfoglia brought back memories of those delicious breakfasts I had with you – I love pastries and have to agree with you Annalisa makes them better than one gets in any other coffee shop anywhere.- so good for you – though I am sure they are not responsible for the 2 extra kilos I put on every trip to Italy.
    Di Cant

    • I think they are the best sfoglie I have eaten anywhere. I have done quite a lot of research on the subject.

  3. I always try very hard not to look at the pastries and have just a cappucino, but then…. the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak….. They are delicious.

    • Eat a sfoglia and then take a brisk walk up the hill to Bagni Caldi and on to La Villa.

  4. i loved italian breakfasts. we had some sfoglie in Italy with chocolate cream and strawberry, they were delicious. Pastry is delicious in Italy.

    • Pastry is very delicious in Italy.

  5. looks very yummy!!! i wonder if the mcdonalds apple pies are any close to this!

    • Somehow I don’t think so.

  6. Goodness, that makes me hungry, and I just ate breakfast–delicious looking, Deb!

    • You will have to come to Bagni di Lucca to try one.

  7. All of their pastries are wonderful. Great lady who does the baking there. Take a nice hike up the mountains to tiny hamlets like Pieve di Monti di Villa to burn some calories.

    • I like Pieve di Monti di Villa, but I’m not walking all that way. I think Annalisa has help now to make her pastries.

  8. Ah-ha – a sighting of the illusive sfoglia, just a phoofh of pastry and beautiful golden apple – I think it requires further investigation -do you suppose if it were chocolate coated it would be truly “good for you”? How could it not!

    • Now Jan, I think chocolate coating might just be going too far.

  9. These are so addictive. I used to occasionally have a crema croissant but you mentioned these once before so I tried one and it was fatal! Now I’m having them far too often! I think it’s the crispy sugary bit on the bottom where the filling oozes as it cooks that makes them so good!

    • I love it when you get that extra crisp sugary bit on the bottom, that makes them perfect.

  10. For those who don’t have a sweet tooth, the ham and cheese pastries are nice too!!!!!

    • I do occasionally force one of these down and they are good.

  11. I am sooooo having one of these Thursday of next week for breakfast because……..yes…I will be in Bagni Di Lucca for the first time. Very excited to be going to Italia again!

    • Have one for me too.

  12. I happen to know that this, your favorite breakfast, is far better for you than organic almonds, fresh fruit, oatmeal, or granola. Healthy, healthy, healthy.

    • I eat oatmeal here sometimes and I do like it, but nothing beats a sfoglia.

  13. Oh My…
    …just that…

  14. Those look delish!

    • You must get something like this in Sardegna.

  15. Short but sweet! great. See you soon in Bagni Deb.

    • I’ll be there on 8th October – not long now.

  16. hehe yes fruit is healthy! You’re having a healthy breakfast! Will she share her recipe at all? They sound wonderful.

    • I’m going to ask if I can venture into the kitchen to take some photos and see how the delicious pastries are made when I go back in October.

  17. I am very envious — my grandmother was born in Bagni di Lucca (the little part of town way up on the hilltop — Colle). I have visited several times, but don’t know the place at all — I must have long lost trelatives all over!! I am in touch with cousins ( how distant – who knows) and I would love to spend some time there. And to think that you were these this very morning!!! Sei molto fortunata!!!

    What brings you there and how do you know it so well???

    P.S. your picures are photobook quality


    • I spend about 6 months every year in Bagni di Lucca. I know that I am very lucky to do this. I love my time in the village. There is a post called A walk to Colle, which follows my walk up the hill to the top and over the other side to La Villa. The post called Why Bagni di Lucca explains a bit about how we came to buy in Ponte a Serraglio. Thank you for your kind comments.

  18. Oh my word those look delicious! But I do want to know, how do most Italians manage to stay thin? That is my dream breakfast……every day….mmmmm.

    • It is a mystery to me that Italians remain slim when surrounded by so much delicious food.

  19. I say that’s a lovely way to start the day. To be able to wander down, sit in a bar that you love and start the day with something that puts a smile on your face… not boring at all. Enviable Debra!

    • The best bit is that a coffee and a sfoglia cost 1.70 euro – about $2.50 (that’s for both). I love my mornings at the bar. It is always busy and noisy and fun. It is one of the things I miss most when I am not there.

  20. Oh please stop it Debra, you are making me very envious !!! I miss that little place so much, I used to have the same every morning… in fact I think you recommended it to me when we met for coffee there one morning !!! I am still trying to lose those kilos I put on whilst in Bagni di Lucca last September from those lovely pastries !!!! say Hi to all for me xx

    • When will we see you back in BdL?

  21. The apple sfoglia looks delicious!

    • I have done quite a bit of research on these delicious things and I can report that they are excellent.

  22. The wife and her mother have just returned from spending a week in BDL for the furst time and they told me they had brekkie every morning at Milano/bar italia. They both loved BDL area so it looks more certain that this will be the place for us in 4 years time.

    • We will be able to do the sfoglia thing together, what fun!

  23. Less than 3 weeks until we’re there! I would love to start our day in BDL with breakfast at Bar Italia! Of course the walk up the hill would have to follow! 😉 Very very excited for the sights and tastes of Italy!

    • I know you will love breakfast at Bar Italia or Il Monaco. It is fun just to be there and be part of the action, especially if you go early when all the workers call in for coffee on their way to work. Perhaps you will run into my Australian friends who will be staying at my apartment. Liz has friends staying at her place too at this time, so there will be plenty of Australians in the village.

      • I will make sure to listen for the Australian accent! What would the average temp. be in BDL in a few weeks?


      • The days should still be warm, particulalry in the afternoon, and the mornings and evenings cool.Take a light coat, cardigan or wrap. Having said that, the weather has been erratic lately. You need to be prepared for just about anything. You can check the temperatures on the Meteo site just before you go to be more certain.

  24. Didnt mean to be annonymous! lol

  25. They are soooo delicious sooo delicious! Yes, I missed so much my Italy days, smelling right now… Thank you, Blessing and Happiness, with my love, nia

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