Posted by: debrakolkka | June 4, 2011

Someone at Pisa airport has a sense of humour

On a recent visit to Pisa airport to meet a friend I saw these very cute sculptures in the grass at the front of the arrival hall.

waiting expectantly

happy to see each other

I’m not entirely sure that these animals live together in the wild.

a dolphin family swims by

never smile at a crocodile

I think they are fairly new at the airport and I’m not sure if they are permanent. Stop by and say hello if you are in the area.

To see more expected things in Pisa click here, here and here.

These cute figures have now gone from Pisa airport. Click here to see the new art in its place.


  1. Yes, a very clever idea and one that will appeal to all ages 🙂

    • I think they look great in front of the airport.

  2. Now how good would they look in a back yard. My boys would would love incorporating them into their play… Snap, snap!

    • They are fun, aren’t they? I hope they are a permanent fixture.

  3. CUTE.

    p.s YES you need to do that recipe. Although I have an edited version, without some of the fatty things, as well as honey and a few others so if you would like it let me know and I’ll mail it to you in the e-mail I reply 🙂 It’s delicious!

    • I would love your recipe. I look forward to your email. I am curious about your life.

  4. I have not seen the sculptures before. An interesting addition.

    • I’m sure they weren’t there in February and it looked as thoughthe grass hadn’t grown properly around some of them.

  5. They look good, but they give the Victa some trouble. Hope the gardeners are careful with the Whipper Snipper.

    • I think it would be easy to knock off a hippo ear if you weren’t carfeul.

  6. Haha that’s brilliant and something a bit out of the ordinary and unexpected!

  7. Very clever. I wonder if they’re ambient advertising for something, can’t figure what it could be though!

    • I think they are just a bit of fun. I hope they stay there.

  8. Those are very sweet.

    • I love them, especially the hippos.

  9. They’re amazing aren’t they, love that sort of outdoor art, its fun & looks awesome to boot 🙂

    • I love the fact that they are modern and fun. So much in Italy is very serious – great, but serious.

  10. Very cute! Would be a bugger to mow around.. 😉

    • I can see you on your knees with a pair of scissors.

  11. Great pictures, and what an awesome idea!

    • Thanks. I think it is a fun idea.

  12. These are so cleverly done!

  13. […] hippos, dolphins and crocodiles have gone from the park at the entrance to Pisa airport and some new art is in place. They were […]

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