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On either side of the river lie

No, not long fields of barley and of rye. Ponte a Serraglio lies on either side of the river Lima.  Some of the houses, like ours, are built right on the river. It is a straight drop from our windows to the water. Our little balcony sticks out over the river. If we had a mind to, we could throw a line in and catch the odd trout.

the village of Ponte a Serraglio

the hills rise quickly from the river

the passerella and Villa Fiori

a early spring view of Ponte a Serraglio

The land rises fairly steeply up from the river and I love to walk up the hill in front of our house. There is always something good to look at.

hellebores grow wild under the trees

San Giovanni baths

the old church behind the Bagni Caldi

from further up the hill

Tuscan rooftops

terraced hills

spring violets


a Bagni di Lucca garden

Even in abandoned gardens the flowers will spring up and look beautiful.


these were growing in the garden of a ruin

and these beautiful daffodils

The leaves are beginning to appear on the trees. Everything will look completely different soon.


  1. Dearest Debra,

    Simple, pleasant and truthful description of Ponte a Serraglio.
    Loved it!

    Big warm hug!

    • You might have a place here soon too.

  2. I like the idea of spending a lazy afternoon on your balcony with a line in waiting for trout nibbles. An espresso by my side, gazing out at the tuscan roof tiles and terraced mountainside…Yep, that would do nicely.

    • It is a lovely place to be. The fishermen are out today because it is a gorgeous day.

  3. How refreshing to see the colourful start of spring. Interesting to see plenty of movement in the river as well.

    Regards Helen

    • The trees have their first buds and it will all happen soon. Some cherry trees nearby are about to blossom.

  4. We just returned from a quick week there and sorry I wasn’t able to meet you-It was lovely weather-we were very lucky. We had a great time at the Lucca Camella Festival and highly recommend that! I enjoy your blog daily!

    • Not to worry, I might catch you next time.

  5. I too would love to come and share the views you have from your balcony!

    • You are always welcome.

  6. It’s so beautiful and I am so envious!

    • You will be here soon to enjoy it for yourself.

  7. I have 2 of the very same terracotta pot (behind daffodils pic) in Brisbane garden, now I am thinking how can I get them down to Tasmania, what a long journey from Tuscany to Brisbane to Tasmania.

    • I love terracotta pots. We have several on our balcony and downstairs on the street.

  8. Your house is on the river bank? This is so unfair right now.. I want to visit your town and take photos from your house! 🙂 haha

    • If you are in the area between 17th April and 18th May come to see us.

  9. Beautiful description and photos!

    • Thank you for your comments.

  10. Your beautiful photos are my Sunday morning treat! Thanks Deb..

    • I’m glad you like them Celia.

  11. Hi Deb,

    Lovely photos of your village and surrounds. You are sure doing a great job of promoting the area, congrats. My next door neighbour is visiting Lucca next month so I have introduced him to your website. He has enjoyed perusing it.
    He and his wife are intending to catch the bus to Bagni for a day trip. Even if they only buy a meal locally, it is all wothwhile, it’s all business. What a great medium the internet is. Well done.

    Cheers Judy

    • Thanks Judy, I hope your neighbours like the village. At least they will know what they are looking at. I hope I am encouraging people to come here. If people don’t come these small villages die.

  12. Well Debra., these pics are my Sunday afternoon treat. I love that your villa is right on the river. Does it ever flood & are the banks of the river eroding at all over time? The houses are everything I’d imagined, love the Tuscan rooftop view 🙂

    • The river does flood accasionally, but we are quite high and I don’t believe it has ever come this high. After heavy rain the river turn into a raging torrent and I love to stand at the window to watch it. Further down river, where the banks are much lower, the road beside the river has been cut sometimes. This hasn’t happened in the 8 years I have been coming here. Our house is built on solid rock and just here there seems to be no erosion. The house has been here for around 200 years.

  13. What an amazing place. I love the houses right on the river…tell me, are the “baths” still functioning? Have you ever been? I’d love to go if they are…

    • Our’s is the one right on the bridge. One of the old “baths” is still operating – Bagni Caldi. I have been, I did a post on it ages ago called Terme. I should go back and get some photos of the old grottoes and the room where you go after the steam room. It was fun.

  14. A beautiful pictorial tour of Ponte a Serraglio!

    • Thank you – it is very pretty here.

  15. The pictures of your village are so beautiful… on our trip plan to Tuscany, we have Lucca on the list…

    • You will love Lucca and you should come up to Bagni di Lucca, it is just 30 minutes outside Lucca by car.

  16. It’s lovely to see photos of Ponte a Serraglio, I always like to see what the weather is like – her’s hoping that it’s fine when we come at Easter. We arrive on Monday the 25th April and will be staying in our lovely little house up in Vitiana until the following Saturday – can’t wait! Just a thought Deb – will the Co-op be open that Monday? It’s Easter Monday, will we be able to buy food? Will Marco be open for meals that night? I hadn’t thought of it being a holiday!!

    • Easter Monday is a holiday. Most things will be closed. Marco may be open. Sometimes he opens on that Monday and has Tuesday off instead. Monday is his usual day to close. I’ll see if I can find out. I’m sure somebody will be open as there are lots of people about at Easter.

      • Thank you Deb. Appreciate you taking time out to answer me. Let’s hope we find somwhere to buy a few essentials just to tide us over until the following day!

      • Monday 25th is a major holiday. It is Easter Monday and also Liberation Day. Some restaurants will be open but I think most food shops will be closed. I will be here then. If you wish I could get some things for you on Saturday and you could collect them from me on your way through.

      • Thank you so much Deb, that’s really kind of you. Can I get back to you once I’ve had a chat to our friends who are coming with us. To be honest just some milk for tea and coffe would probably get us by until the following day. As long as we can go out for a meal Monday night we’ll be fine I’m sure.
        Will keep you posted.
        Many thanks

  17. Beautiful photographs! Are you quoting Tennyson in the title/first line or thinking of the Loreena McKennit song?

    • It is the first line from Tennyson’s Lady of Shalott. I learned it at school more than 40 years ago and have not forgotten it. I’m sure my English teacher would be pleased.

  18. Thanks for that, I have not heard of Loreena McKennitt.

  19. Oh My! how beautiful it is to live in a city like that!

    • We do love our little part of the world.

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