Posted by: debrakolkka | February 9, 2011

The tortured trees of Dubai Creek Park

While wandering  through the lovely green Dubai Creek Park I came upon a group of wierd trees. Liz G. said she used to imagine fairies living under spider lillies in her garden. I think gnomes and trolls live under these trees.

wierd trees

I wonder why they grow like this

there must be goblins

beautiful in its own way

gnarled places to hide

in the trunk - it looks like an elephant's eye

I wonder what type of tree they are

I wonder how old they are

There was a spider lily nearby, but it wasn’t as nice as mine.

not as pretty as mine

The park has an incredible number of beautiful birds flying around. I wish they had sat still for some photos.

A tiny blue bird

This little bird was the most gorgeous colour, iridescent blue.  It was smaller than a finch and very quick.

interesting shapes

in another part of the park

The park is huge and follows the creek. It is definitely worth a visit, if only for the tortured trees and the birds. Let me know if you see any goblins.


  1. I think the trees are coming to life and they start walking…
    Only in my dreams… only in my dreams…
    Thanks for sharing Debra!
    Very wild pictures!

  2. These trees do not like an example of geotropism to me! How weird. One looks like a boab tree that has possibly been filled with too much alcohol and is therefore is on its side. Thanks for showing us this side of the world

  3. I suspect the trees have been blown over or something, but because their roots are still intact, they’ve just continued to grow in a horizontal position. Fascinating photos, Deb, there’s a strange beauty in the gnarled formations..

  4. I love your imagination, Deb, especially your comments about the “elephant’s eye” and the goblins! Dubai must be a surprising place to visit. I used to acquaint Dubai with those tall skyscrapers of glass and steel; so, it’s nice to see there are nature spaces for flora and fauna fashioned into unusual shapes. I enjoyed looking at those pictures.

  5. Very weird trees Deb. You certainly take beautiful pictures. I am off to Julies in California next week. We are going on a Cruise to Cabo San Lucas and also taking a trip to Arizona. Enjoy Italy – again.

    • That sounds like fun. Have a great trip.

  6. Goblin and troll houses for sure Debra. You must have been too noisy, otherwise you would have seen one.
    (…thats what I say to Monkey Boy.)

    • It was clearly my fault. I will have to go back and sneak up on them.

  7. The trees are amazing! Our house at Main Beach had mossy roots – I constantly looked for fairies.

  8. Those definitely look like goblin trees to me.

  9. The trees are such odd shapes aren’t they, great description calling them tortured because that’s exactly what they look like, you can practically hear them groaning 🙂

  10. They are Baobab trees. They are a very resilient tree and they continue to grow even when fallen. As long as they have some of the roots intact, they will jut continue to grow. That is what makes their charm. They might have been knocked down by a storm not long after their plantation. It their roots settle that way, you are doing them more harm by trying to bring them back in an upright position.

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