Posted by: debrakolkka | January 19, 2011

And now for something completely different

Just take a look at this beautiful magnolia which has presented itself in Liz’s courtyard.  Mother Nature can be very cruel indeed as we have seen in the last few weeks here in Queensland, but then she does something like this.

Could anything be more exquisite?

Thank you to everyone who has been following the blog through the Brisbane flood.  If I didn’t respond to your comment at the time I would like to thank you now for your interest and kind thoughts.  Brisbane will recover and the effort put in by the thousands of volunteers who happily waded in and got covered in mud will be remembered forever.


  1. It looks edible, I adore magnolias and now I want one in my garden. thank you Deb for sharing and Liz for growing. Roz

  2. My favourite flower. My trees have finished flowering for the year. In Sydney the gardens are full of enormous Magnolia Grandiflora’s….the scent is magnificent.

  3. Yes, I agree, Deb. Little surprises do pop up in unexpected times. Such beauty in the midst of devastation and sadness – reminds me of a biblical quote: “…beauty for ashes…” Thanks for sharing this exquisite magnolia with us.

  4. I love what beauties, Nature can give us. My dream is to live in a house surrounded by nature, trees, flowers, plants….

  5. What an utterly apt quote from Sandra and yes, it is an exquisite thing.

  6. you obviously fed it properly Liz?

  7. Are these the ones that take 20 years or so to get going properly? I have a little magnolia stellata in my garden, its furry buds present before the winter sets in and it is waiting patiently right now for the days to lengthen and warm just a little before it does its magic….

    I adore magnolias, thank you!

    • It is a miniature magnolia. Liz’s courtyard is not big and the trees are in a garden bed. They were planted not so long ago, but are obviously thriving.

    • A follow on from Deb’s reply – it is called Little Gem and were planted about 4 or 5 months ago!!! But all that rain has obviously done them a power of good.

  8. Hi Deb! we have been following your posts. So glad to see all is ok again. I have moved into your shop now and this flower of yours reminds me that I need to plant some new flowers in your beautiful flower pots out the front. We have started english courses last week and the students and teachers love the space! thanks so much. Looking forward to seeing you again soon! …. When?
    Ciao Bella! J & J

    • I will be in Bagni di Lucca on 3rd Feb. I think it is a bit cold for flowers just yet. I usually put pansies in first. I can do it when I get there. I’m glad the lessons are going well. See you soon.

  9. What a gorgeous flower! Glad to know that the clean-up is virtually complete, I can’t imagine facing a similar disaster on such a scale. The images on the news definitely reminded me of Hurricane Katrina. Thanks for keeping us updated on the situation – your recent entries were a real insight into the Australian spirit!

    • Thank you James. The disaster continues for many people here. We have just had another storm with lots of rain. I hope it doesn’t make it harder for those already in trouble.

  10. Stunning aren’t they – beautiful images. So happy your finding plenty of beauty to ponder amongst all the devastation. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  11. I suppose nature evens out in the end, but it’s hard to believe that at the time.

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  13. What a nice contrast to the recent posts. I wish my miniature Magnolia would flower like that here in Germany. The flowers don’t last long on mine! Oh well, c’est la vie!
    Keep up that wonderful spirit in Brisbane. Go Queenslanders!

    • This Queenslander is going to Italy soon.

  14. Hi. You just signed on to my blog, and now, I’ve seen a “sign”…so I must sign onto yours! I have a life-long love of the Magnolia. I’m an American southerner, and Magnolias turn me inside out…so thank you so much for this. All the best getting through the floods, and thank you so much for your comments on the blog. Have a safe trip to Italy and a wonderful stay!

    • Thank you. You never know, we may meet sometime in lovely Italy.

  15. I just read that there have been more storms over the flood effected areas. I hope it doesn’t worsen things further.
    When I see a magnolia I think of my mum. She adores them.

    • We had a huge storm here last night, and yes, it has badly affected some poor buggers. When will this stop!!!

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