Posted by: lizlitzow | December 31, 2010

Make an entrance – open some doors in 2011

I hope lots of lovely doors open for you in 2011.  Here are some we prepared earlier.

How pretty is this ?

Beautiful timber door

a very impressive doorway in Forte dei Marmi

Showcasing the sculptured door handles of Shona Noonan local artist

Balcony doors

Where does this lead?

Arched metal doors

Door with another above

Very Tuscan

very Tuscan


a massive door into the wall in Lucca

a tiny metal door to a house in Lucca

a lovely Lucca door

a studded Lucca door

Santa Margerita door

a frozen winter doorway

spring doorway in Alberbello

volcanic stone doorway

2 doors in beautiful Assisi


  1. I have a similar shot to your Assisi door. These are great. Auguri a tutti per 2011!

    • Assisi is one of the most beautiful towns in all of Italy. I need to go back.

  2. Love the doors, they are quite intriguing too. Where do they go? What sights are behind them?

    • You sound just as nosey as I am.

  3. More architectural feature posts please! I love those metal doors, aren’t they extraordinary! I’ve never seen doors like that before. Do they have big heavy locks, why metal doors? Are they status symbols do you think? I am a bit obsessed with doors and how hard it is to retrofit new doors to old buildings, especially effective ones in an nasty damp climate like the UK…. Trouble is I always fall in love with doors like the ones you have pictured here, and they would look a bit silly on my suburban house.

    Happy New Year both of you!

    • There are some stunning doors in Italy. I promise to find more for you. In Florence I have seen magnificent carved wooden doors. I have no idea why there are metal doors. The small metal door looked like the door to a prison cell, but is is a regular house in Lucca.
      Happy New Year.

  4. Happy New Year Debra & Liz. What wonderful doors…, makes you wonder what’s behind them all. I’ve loved the wonderful photo stories you’ve shared in 2010, looking forward to many, many more in 2011…. keep ’em coming ladies, 🙂

    • Thank you. I’m keen to hear more from you and Cookie. Happy New Year.

  5. I like the message in your blog today 🙂

    It struck me how unique the doors and knockers (is that what they’re called?) were in the places I visited in Italy. Does this uniqueness date back to the building of the duomos or even beforehand?

    • Some of these doors, and knockers, are quite old. Some of the Lucca doors would be at least 500 years old.

  6. Happy New Year! I love the doors – always wonder what’s behind their unique facade.

  7. Very cute photo series. I remember the door knocker series and liking that! 🙂

  8. What gorgeous doors. Makes my old front door look a tad boring. I think if I had one one of those magnificent ones I would have to just casually drape myself over it while people passed on by 😉

    • Yes, it would be tempting to stand in front of the door and let everyone know that you own it. I feel that way when I am in the piazza and strangers admire our balcony. I have to say that it is mine.

  9. Thank you for sharing these-I just love walking around and checking out all the gorgeous doors.

  10. What an apt way to start the New Year with doors – like entering into the New Year and seeing what’s in store for each of us! I love your door series, also your letter-boxes. Happy New Year, Deb and Liz, may your blog go from strength to strength, entertaining us with interesting sights and stories.

    • Thank you.

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