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Australiss in Erlangen


I met my friend Moira when she took over the shop next to mine in the Brisbane Arcade many years ago.  She went to live in Germany, had 2 children and decided to start her own business there.  The result is Australiss –  a little slice of Australia in southern Germany.  It is a beautiful shop in the Aldstadt – old town –  in Erlangen.

Australiss interior

The shop is full of gorgeous things she has gathered from around the world, with an emphasis on Australian products.

Australian things

stingray bangles

Australian goodies  

As well as the Australian products, Moira has a fine selection of antique jewellery, her particular field of expertise.

She has her own blog, check it out  There are some incredibly beautiful photos of the snow that is falling in her back yard and all over Europe.  It definitely looks like a white Christmas.

Erlangen is a beautiful middle Franconian town in southern Germany.  I have been several times and find it delightful.  It is also well located in a gorgeous area of Germany.  It is not far to lovely Nuremburg, Regensburg, Wurzburg and lots of other amazing places.

a pretty window in Erlangen

at the market – that is an artichoke flower

an important chap in the town square

I think his face needs a wash

If you are in southern Germany, don’t miss Erlangen.  It is an elegant town with lots to see and do, and be sure to call in to Australiss and say hello to Moira.

Aren’t these flowers gorgeous?


  1. Very nice post

  2. How lovely! It’s great to see so many people embracing international lives and styles!

  3. Heheh how fun to have a piece of Australia in somewhere where you don’t expect it at all!

  4. Thanks Deb.

  5. Beautiful shop!
    and you are a wonderful friend Deb!
    Merry Christmas!

  6. I would happily live in Germany at the drop of hat. Maybe your friend needs a shop assistant? 🙂

    • You never know. Erlangen is a lovely town. I love visiting Moira there.

  7. Wow… what a treat. Beautiful shop & yes indeedy… that chap does need his face washed 🙂

  8. Oh Deb how wonderful…. My brother living in Frankfurt -who an aussie married to a German girl would love to embrace a bit of back home from time to time…. I will let him know of your friends shop…. thanks for the info…V

    • Frankfurt is a few hours from Erlangen, but you never know, your brother may like to visit a little slice of Australia in Germany. Moira holds an Australian fair every year.

  9. […] year I went to visit my friend in Marloffstein in southern Germany. I saw beautiful Erlangen and wonderful Wurzburg and had a day in Regensberg. Somehow the post got lost and I forgot about […]

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