Posted by: debrakolkka | November 16, 2010

More lovely Ponte people

I have to say it again, the best thing about our life in Ponte a Serraglio is the people we know there.  The Bar Italia and Il Monaco is where we meet most often, which is why most of these photos were taken there.  This is my third post on our Ponte friends – I don’t want to miss anyone.

the very pretty Alessandra

Alessandra is wearing Annalisa’s shirt.  I haven’t made a mistake.




a temporary resident Amber

Tina with her new hair

Jaqueline in her internet cafe


Dome in her shop

Bianca and Giustina

I’ll be back in Bagni di Lucca in February for an update.


  1. Nice portraits. I wonder what each of them would say if they had one sentence to talk about their town.

    • I might just have to ask them.

  2. Lovely pics…..especiallly my friend Amber. x

  3. What a nice idea to present your friends there Debra! Lovely!

  4. Lovely photos Deb – I agree, one sentence each about their town is a great idea.

    • I think we need to work on that when I come back in February.

  5. Thank you for posting my aunt Guistina’s picture she is still beautiful at her age. Can’t wait to see more

  6. What lovely photos of everyone.

  7. Oh, I’m lovin’ the photo portraits…, yep… we’d love to hear from them all, everyone of them looks so happy. Love it.

    • When I go back in February, I will get comments for Ponte people. Very few speak English, but my Italian is good enough now to do a reasonable translation.

  8. How wonderful Deb. It is nice to recognise some of these people. Thay make Bagni di Lucca such a wonderful place. Thanks for the lovely photos of the lovely people.

  9. Tina looks great. My cousin, Bianca, never seems to age. Great photos showing a village of
    lovely people.

    • I like Tina’s new hairstyle. I don’t think it is a very flattering photo of Bianca and Giustina, they are both lovely. I will try for a better one next time.

    • Thanks for the compliment Joanne: you should see me when My hair is done!! that day is was quite flat due to the dampness of a rainy day. Hope to see you soon

  10. Beautiful photos! You are an artist!
    Kisses from Lucca!

    • Thank you Francesca. I hope your babies are doing well.

  11. So exciting to see Giustina and other gente di Bagni di Lucca from my divano here in Philadelphia.
    Will talk to Giusta’s sister today and mention it.
    Can’t wait to get back.

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