Posted by: debrakolkka | September 16, 2010

The driver’s licence – part 2

This trip to Bagni di Lucca was organised so that I could complete the task of obtaining my Italian driver’s licence.  A long and miserable tale about the theory test is told in an earlier post – Getting an  Italian Driver’s Licence – 8th May.  If you feel like putting yourself through it, go back for a look.

I am now here to do the practical test.  My instructor is taking me around Lucca and imparting the knowledge I apparently need to pass my driving test.  This is not fun.

I have not been allowed to drive above 30 kph.  If I do happen to creep over this speed he puts his foot on the brake – wonderful!  He also shouts at me.  As well as his shouting, I have to listen to the toots and curses from other drivers.  NOBODY drives at 30kph in Italy!

The method used to navigate a roundabout here is ridiculous.  Nobody seems to know how to use one correctly – including the instructor.  I have to put common sense aside for the duration of the lessons and just do as I am told.  If everyone drove the way I am being led to believe I need to, to pass the test,  the roads would be even more chaotic than they are now.

There are endless petty rules apparently vital for the exam.  Obviously everyone does exactly what I am going to do – put them out of my mind when I have my licence.

I want this to end so I never have to see this man again.  Please let me pass this test tomorrow!!!!


  1. Debra – have just read your visual of getting your drivers licence – it was very funny I laughed out loud this must be why after they all obtain their licences they are out of control – have you thought of an italian solution bribery – best of luck helen

    • Unfortunately bribery is out of the question now, so I have to do it the hard way.
      I only got yelled at a couple of times today, so I must be getting better.

  2. I was wondering when you would have to do this-I remember your other post! Buona fortuna!

    • Grazie! I hope it goes well tomorrow.

  3. Best of luck Deb. What a saga – ghastly.

    • Thanks Pam, It will be so good to have it over.

  4. Good luck tomorrow – I will rub my lucky cowry shell, always get great results.

    • Thank you for rubbing the cowrie. I feel much more confident now.

  5. I just read your post. Hopefully it went well.

  6. Best of luck Debra! Sounds like it’s the kind of thing that could either way!

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