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Walking around Adelaide

I have just had a quick trip to Adelaide to visit family.  I had an excellent local guide who directed me to some of Adelaide’s highlights.  It is a beautiful city full of impressive old stone houses with beautiful gardens – even in winter.  What I loved the most were the magnificent gum trees everywhere.   

a magnificent gum in the forecourt of Adelaide University

The entrance to the old market area

The old food markets have been converted to apartments and town houses.  The outer facade has been very well preserved and apartments have been build around a central courtyard.  I think it makes for excellent city living.

the apartments insde the old market

another market entrance

detail on the Adelaide Arcade in Rundle Mall

the colourful fountain in front of Adelaide Arcade

an Adelaide institution - Haigh's chocolates

my lovely cousin Ben in front of the Mall's Balls

a hungry Mall resident

and his very cute mate

a popular meeting point - Beehive Corner

The entrance to the Botanical gardens

a very appropriate memorial to the War Horse

a South Australian resident taking advantage of the water trough

winter lavender in Adelaide


  1. hehehe you did a lovely take on my home town. Next time make it down to goolwa…near Victor Harbor (could meet you for coffee)…. my friend always says that Adelaide is a peaceful city cause we grow so much lavender…ehhhehhe…thanks again.

    • Adelaide is a beautiful city. I also love the Adelaide Hills. I went last year, but it was before I started the blog and I didn’t have a camera with me. I will be back and would love to discover more of the area, and I would love to meet you.

  2. Beautiful photos! I’m looking forward to my upcoming visit to SA and Adelaide. That little piggy is adorable too! 🙂

  3. Your pictures of Adelaide are magnificent, Deb. You’ve captured well the essence of my beautiful city. The black and white bird is a Murray Magpie. The pigs, Oliver, Augusta, Horatio and Matilda, were named by the citizens of Adelaide and often popular with children and adults. How lovely you’ve taken a picture of the lavender in front of my home. Well done, Deb!

  4. Beautiful pictures of Adelaide Debra. Made me quite homesick. Did you get to the Beach at Glenelg. That is where I lived – right on the water.


    • I didn’t get to Glenelg – next time. I have some more pictures around the city, which I will put up soon.

  5. oh my, now doesn’t that look like the Porcellino in Florence?!

    • Hi Oriana, Did you know there is a Porcellino in Munich. I did a post called A wet cold Sunday in Munich. There is a photo of him there. Thank you for reading my blog. I love to get comments. Debra



  6. complimenti per le varie foto sarebbe bello aver tempo e visitare di persona tutto ciò che vediamo nelle foto; comunque impariamo sempre qualcosa ciao a presto

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