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Bellagio – Lake Como

Bellagio from the lake

Bellagio is considered the pearl of Lake Como.  The very  pretty little town is positioned on a promontory where 2 branches of the lake meet.  It has been loved by authors, artists and poets since ancient times.  The spectacular views and mild climate are still attracting visitors all year round.

the waterfront in Bellagio

In the middle ages it was a small town fortified by walls and a castle.  All that survives is the belltower of S. Giacomo.  The church still contains some romanesque  sculptures.  The old town stands on either side of Via Garibaldi which leads into the Piazza della Chiesa – church square..  There are narrow cobblestone streets winding up and down between the harbour and the higher part of the town – all filled with interesting shops and restaurants.

inside the old church in Bellagio

steep cobblestone street in Bellagio

We stayed at the delightfully named Excelsior Splendide on Via Lungo Lario Manzoni and were very happy with our choice.  The hotel is on the waterfront, near the ferry terminal.  Our room was spacious, comfortable and we had a magnificent view of the lake from our window.  The staff members were very helpful and Fatima, in particular had excellent local knowledge which she was happy to share with us.

Hotel Splendide on the waterfront

Bellagio is a perfect base from which to explore all the delights of Lake Como.

looking towards the Alps


  1. Deb, the photos are devine….so beautiful. I have whipped many of my friends into a jealous frenzy by sending them a link to this Lake Como post. Keep it up…it is highly motivating….

    • Isn’t it gorgeous! I can’t wait to get back there.

  2. Glad you are enjoying Bellagio Deb after the debacle of buying tickets and your hair-raising trip round the lake. I only hope you have a return train ticket and don’t have to speak to that person again.

    Looks like the weather is gorgeous.

    • The girl who was there a couple of days later was very nice and we had no further trouble. Deb

  3. WAW! Did you see George Clooney? he has a house on Lake Como:)

    • We saw George’s house but we had no George sighting – perhaps next time.

  4. Looks amazing. I can’t wait for my next visit to Italy, can’t come soon enough!!

    • It is hard to take a bad photo in Italy – and Lake Como is so beautiful.

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