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my lovely Edoardo


There are lots of wonderful characters in Ponte a Serraglio and they make regular appearances at the Bar Italia.

Edoardo is 92 and drives up each morning from Fornoli where he lives with his daughter.  He has been a widower for many years and we are engaged.  I suspect I am not his only fidanzata.  He regularly asks me when we are going to marry.  My response is that I will marry him when my husband dies.  He has suggested that we push him in the river.

There is an Italian song called Debora which he often sings to me when I enter the bar.    I wonder if he sings songs to the others.

A couple of years ago a very attractive Australian friend visited me.  Edoardo’s eyes lit up when he spotted her and I was forgotten.   I told him she was a widow and would be happy to find an Italian husband.  He quickly responded “Tell her I’m 66.”

Edoardo has lovely sparkly eyes, tells a great joke and I know he misses dancing in Viareggio with his wife.  I hope he is at the bar to sing Debora to me lots more times.


  1. Great articles! I love the one about Eduardo, its so funny! You are a great writer! You should publish a book soon! Thanks for correcting my stories, its much better like that. I will spread you blog around!



  2. Debra, I love that story. I was supposed to be commenting on the truck one but I don’t think I could go any further then Signor Edoardo….I wonder if he would have me as his Australian grandaughter?

    • Edoardo would be most interested in another granddaughter. He is fading a bit now and sometimes has a walking stick. He still drives. He gave me a lift one day when I was walking from the next village, but made me get out of the car 200 metres from the bridge because he thought people might talk. He tells me jokes in Italian – and I can understand them. He is special.

      • Such a special relationship you have there. Cherish every moment of it Debra.
        I love that he made you get out in case people talked. I think cross generational friendships are really important, pop in cross cultural and even better… Maybe he could help me with my terrible Italian language skills.

      • I do cherish my friendship with Edoardo. I am going to hate it when he is not here.

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  4. I hope I will look like him at 92, he looks great! sorry to hear that he is not feelign well.

    • I think Edoardo is amazing. I hope I am doing as well at his age.

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  6. RIP Edoardo 🙁

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