Posted by: Debra Kolkka | December 12, 2017

I want to be at Casa Debbio

Our lovely friend Filippo, who helps us with the garden at Casa Debbio, took a photo of our mountain house from a distance in the recent snow falls.

Casa Debbio

I love it when there is snow at Casa Debbio.

Here is a photo he took of Vergemoli from the road above.


This charming photo was taken in the village. I really wish I was there to see it.


Our area has been experiencing wild weather, with snow, wind and heavy rain. We need rain and plenty of it.

I look forward to being back at Casa Debbio in February to start spring planting at Casa Debbio. In summer 2018 I want lots of colourful annuals.


  1. Oh, wow, it looks so beautiful – perfect for home and hearth – and Christmas.

    • I would love to be there.

    • Strange, you have more snow there than in Helsinki!

      • Casa Debbio is 600 metres above sea level. The snow didn’t last long, but there is snow on the mountains around the village.

  2. Absolutely stunning. Every season would change the scenery to something else just as beautiful. Enjoy your time back in Australia and merry Christmas 🤗

    • I love the different seasons in Italy.

  3. The weather has been quite wild lately. All schools were closed ftoday and yesterday, according to what I read…

    • There has been heavy rain which washed away the snow.

  4. It looks so beautiful, I love the last photo very atmospheric! We have snow here in the uk too.

    • The snow has been early this year.

  5. Lovely….cannot wait to return to Lucca on March 1

  6. There’s been heavy snow in a lot of places in Italy. I left Verona yesterday, Monday, and the snow started falling on Sunday afternoon. By Monday morning everywhere was covered in snow just like your place. It was very cold and slippery walking around. Anyway I hope your garden is getting lots of rain and will be flourishing when you return.
    Robyn, in Milano

    • Snow is beautiful, but can cause problems

  7. I love these snowy, mystical photos of your village!

    • The village doesn’t get snow all that often, but it is pretty when it does.

  8. Winter in Italy, especially around Christmas, is absolutely magic, Debra.

    • I love winter in Italy. I will be back there in February for the last of it.

  9. What lovely photos! Merry Christmas Debra.

    • Thank you. Have a wonderful Christmas.

  10. Dear Debra, Thank you so much, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Love, nia

    • I hope you have a happy Christmas and a wonderful new year.

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