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Staying a bit longer in Bagni di Lucca

We were supposed to be leaving Bagni di Lucca soon to make our way back to Brisbane, but our stone house being built in Vergemoli is not finished and I am staying behind to help it along. I know you are not feeling a bit sorry for me.

Here are a few random photos of lovely Ponte a Serraglio from the last few weeks. We have had all kinds of weather, rain, sun, misty days….. Some of these photos are taken from my balcony and others from different parts of Ponte a Serraglio.




















We are off to Amsterdam for a week, then Jim will fly home and I will be back to this gorgeous place for a month to furnish the house.

Take a look at Bella Bagni di Lucca for more on the group of villages that make up Bagni di Lucca.


  1. Have a great time in Amsterdam, it’s one of my favourite cities!

    • We are looking forward to our first trip to Amsterdam.

      • Your first time! Awesome! The flowers are so beautiful, tulips everywhere! Make sure you take a canal cruise and buy some tulip bulbs to take home with you. Gosh, I can’t wait to revisit Amsterdam through your blog!

      • We have lots of tips from Richard Tulloch’s blog and from Rosi, Adriano and Agostino, our Dutch friends in the village. We will certainly be looking out for the tulips and a canal trip is on our list, thank you.

  2. Nice shots, looks like an awesome place to relax…

    • Thank you. Sitting on our tiny balcony watching the village is one of our favourite things to do.

  3. As it is only three weeks since i was there – I am having withdrawls after seeing these pcitures. Love those misty moments in Ponte Serraglia. NOT feeling one bit sorry for either of you.

    • You need to feel sorry for Jim, he has to go home to work.

  4. It’s looks like a paradise Debra….and have fun in Amsterdam…Aalsmeer is well worth a bus ride too (the flower auction). A bientot.

    • It is always difficult to drag myself away from Bagni di Lucca, but Amsterdam will be fun and then I get to come back.

  5. Have a lovely time in Amsterdam, and we hope Jim has a safe journey back to Australia. Your house looks beautiful, you must be so pleased, now you get to do the fun things dressing it ENJOY! Your photos are wonderful a real inspiration.

    • I’m sure Amsterdam will be great fun and coming back is a bonus.

  6. It just looks more and more beautiful Debra! It is always so lovely to have a reprieve when it gets close to leaving. Though I know you have work to do… Jxx

    • I don’t mind sewing curtains and furnishing the house, since I get to stay longer.

  7. Debra, I am just packing for our flight to Pisa in the morning, we are staying in Chifenti for 2 weeks and we were disappointed that we would miss you. Now we are very much looking forward to seeing you. Thanks as always for the beautiful photos. Andrea & David

    • I will be around Ponte from 21st May, when I get back from Amsterdam. I won’t be at my apartment until 26th May, but I will be at the bar most mornings.

  8. Your balcony is my favourite place to be! And what a fantastic weather vane. Poor you having to stay a little longer!!! (laughter) c

    • We bought the weather vane to match the ducks in the river. As I said, nobody should feel sorry for me having to stay.

  9. amazing pictures… Bagni di Lucca is so beautiful…wish i could go visit it.

    • It is always difficult to leave Bagni di Lucca

  10. Your pictures are a continuous delight, Debra. One never tires of returning to Bagni di Lucca and love it for its various shades of the seasons. I love the smoke spiralling towards the mountains, the rising mists, homes huddled on the hills, the changing moods of the river, the glorious Spring blooms. One feels the sense of activity behind the walls of each home. We feel so much part of the buzz of village life through your lens, Debra. Ah Bagni di Lucca! Dolce la vita!

    • Hopefully we will be in Bagni together one day.

  11. I love your photographs and Bagni du Lucca, Thank you dear Debra, and Have a nice journey, with my love, nia

    • It is easy to get good photos of the village.

  12. Nope, not a bit sorry 🙂

  13. Quite so, not sorry at all! Next time I’m there maybe I’ll have a chance to see your lovely house in person.

  14. As usual, the photos are lovely. Hope you enjoy Amsterdam. And Happy Mother’s Day!

  15. Such nice vews Debra… charming place indeed!

    • I think we chose well when we decided to buy in Bagni di Lucca.

  16. Such a lush growth of flora! You are definitely lucky to be there!

    • I know! We love Bagni di Lucca.

  17. I’m in love!

    • It is a beautiful spot.

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